Images of 2 Low-Flying UFOs Captured by Amazed Witness in Hollywood, SC

While UFO disclosure from the government is a bad joke, MUFON is growing by leaps and bounds as its cadre of highly motivated and professional investigators are combing the field for real evidence of real sightings.
As a member of MUFON, myself, I have to say the quality of recent case reports from this reinvigorated, grandaddy of all UFO investigation organizations have been as solid as they have been mystifying. Many examples of what I am talking about can be found in this month’s UFO ACTIVITY REPORT by Shelley Goodman.
Here is just one of the new sightings MUFON investigators looked into recently:
Low-flying bright objects photographed in sky
A Hollywood, South Carolina, woman reported seeing two extremely bright flying objects and took photos of them, according to testimony in Case 119406. The witness was on the side of the Savannah Highway around power lines at 12:30 a.m. on November 24, 2021, after initially spotting the lights while driving.
According to the event description by the reporting witness, this is how events unfolded:
“I was driving home from work last night and saw a very bright light in the distance – so bright it lit up the sky. I pulled my car over to try to figure out what it was and realized it was moving in my direction at a fast rate. As it approached, I could see that there were two, massive, flying objects. The lights were so bright, I could not see many details, but the aircraft were dark in color and round shaped.
They were low in the sky, significantly lower than an airplane would ever be. And as they flew over, I expected to hear a lot of noise, but there was just a quiet hum. They moved very smoothly through the air and continued toward the Atlantic.”
Here is a copy of the fairly clear images of CASE 119406 :

Two different images of the UFOs taken by the witness. Copyright 2022 by the Mutual UFO Network, 4212 Airport Rd, Ste. 100–102, Cincinnati, OH 45226
After carefully listening to the witness and checking out the data, South Carolina MUFON Field Investigator William
Brumleve closed this case as Unknown Aerial Vehicle.
Wired Does Huge Article on Scientist and Ufologist Jacques Vallée

Ufologist Jacques Vallée, Public Domain Photo
Meanwhile the hip, computerized world view of Wired magazine did a long, probing article of renowned ufologist Jacque Vallée, which covered a vast array of subjects from the possibility of examining alien metal to trying to identify the origins of UFOs and their unknown, almost magical occupants.
Although the article has a bit of the usual tongue-and-cheek snarky skepticism built into it,  over all, it is entertaining and worth a read, in my opinion.

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