John Lennon Describes His ‘Extraordinary’ UFO Sighting On 23rd Aug. 1974 (Video and Audio)

A drawing of the UFO was witnessed by John Lennon from his New York Apartment’s balcony.When one of the most famous and accomplished musicians and songwriters to have ever lived shares with the world his first-hand account of a close UFO encounter, the world should listen.
However, when the late, great former Beatle told his true tale to the American press regarding his up-close-and-personal UFO sighting after an in-home recording session at his New York apartment on Aug. 24, 1974, Mr. Lennon’s account received instead much curiosity, a lot of skepticism, and eyebrow-raised mockery from the world intelligentsia.
Six years later after Mr. Lennon’s assassination at the hands of a psychotic, murderous fan, the incident was lost in the dust bin of history, until I recently came across the video and radio interview of the incident as described by Mr. Lennon.
Quite Detailed and Believable
I was immediately impressed with Mr. Lennon’s candor and my impression is and was he is simply telling the truth about an amazing UFO experience he witnessed firsthand.
His description and later sketch of the UFO are similar to many other sightings I have researched over the years. It appears to me that Mr. John Winston Lennon was sharing with the world a true event that was quite extraordinary — even from someone of such genius stature.
Here is the short video and audio interview, courtesy of Eyes on Cinema, which showcased the short, but a succinct interview with Mr. Lennon.

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