Multiple Witnesses See Huge ‘Star Ship’ UFO and ‘Black Helicopter’ Above Seward Alaska

Map of Seward Alaska

Thirty years ago,  Bill Sleasman and many of his neighbors sighted a huge UFO hovering over Seward, Alaska. Sleasman said he watched the gigantic, starship-like craft hover near his house for several hours, according to Quest TV. 

He added that before the ship, which “dwarfed the size of a supertanker,” showed up, an unmarked, military, black helicopter arrived near his house, hovering in the air, as though waiting for the starship to appear.

During the encounter, which occurred about a quarter of a mile from his cabin, Sleasman said he lost consciousness and time, waking up in his log cabin hours later, but not before contacting his next-door neighbor who verified the strange sighting. In addition, many other residents of Seward called into a talk show on KRSM describing the same event, during the same time frame.

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