They Say That This Extraterrestrial Ship Serves as a “Second Moon”

The 2020 CD3 is thought to be a recently discovered putative space rock that has been orbiting our planet for around three years, according to the majority of experts.

No one could have seen this surprising discovery, known as the “Second Moon,” arriving until it was seized by our planet’s gravity, which suggests that it caught everyone by surprise.

According to authorities, this object, which is orbiting the world as we know it, is nothing more than space junk that has been entangled in our axis.

Some experts dispute this allegation, suggesting that an alien spacecraft is orbiting our planet instead of the Earth as we know it so that it can keep an eye on us at all times with its cameras.

They believe that the growing interest in studying space debris is due to the fact that it is metallic and man-made, thereby making it an artificial alien satellite in and of itself. However, the authorities vehemently disagree and provide an even more terrifying explanation.

They claim that the 2020 CD3 is even larger than the space rock that extinguished all life on Earth in prehistoric times and that it is dangerously close to us, only 384,400 kilometers away. Additionally, they claim that due to its overall small size, the 2020 CD3 could easily break off from our axis, causing havoc and destruction on our planet.

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