American Military and Scientist Reveals Advanced Alien Tech is Being Withheld from Public (video)

Emery Smith is one of the most interesting individuals to have ever lived on this planet as he’s had the opportunity to do some amazing discoveries in his life, to say the least.

While working for the United States Air Force, for example, he has had the opportunity to study organic materials that were by all accounts considered to be alien, belonging to alien spacecraft, and he’s even had the chance to fly in one of these spacecraft and even test the aliens out in exchange for money and resources. He talks about his experiences in life as it all started when he was 18-year-old.

Even back then he was a part of the United States Air Force, and through his experienced self he managed to study materials unknown to mankind prior to him.

He studied the material from over 3,000 alien species, even going as far as to expose them to antigravity, zero-point energy, and even 3d holographic imaging. We all know by now that the government is on the hunt for alien spacecraft, but who is in charge of actually studying them? Emery claims that he was one of these men.

He told us through the interview that through his groundbreaking discoveries many of the diseases we have cured today were all thanks to the technology he scanned in the past. This alien technology is definitely what is helping the world evolve at such a rapid rate, as he even mentioned the fact that Elon Musk’s own obsolete technology is at hand here.

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