Meet the Alien Black Knight Satellite – The Most Mysterious Alien Spotting of All Times – Documented Even by NASA

The story of the Black Knight Satellite is by far one of the most interesting ones out there because of how much proof there is to back it up in the first place. According to the official lore behind it all, it’s an ancient alien satellite that circles our planet every 15 to 20 years or so.

Originally discovered by Nikola Tesla himself back in 1899, a lot of people were skeptical about it, to say the least, until May 14th, 1954 came around.

This is when newspapers St Louis Post Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner both presented the story unedited to the general public.

The 60s however brought both the USSR and the US to confirm its existence. Back on February 11th, this is when the satellite officially came up on their radar. After they both denied the fact that it was one of their own satellites it was officially reported as an alien vessel of some sort. Gordon Cooper was the first human to spot it with his own eyes, and according to him, it’s massive, to say the least. NASA has dismissed his claims, however, stating that it was all a hallucinogenic trip induced by the lack of CO2 in the air

But, shortly afterward NASA themselves released the following pictures that were taken by their own STS-88 Space Shuttle mission. These are the clearest pictures of the Black Knight Satellite that we’ve ever had and they’re marvelous, to say the least.


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