Is The Moon An Alien Spaceship?

Will it be?

The Moon is a spaceship. There are several reasons why the Earth satellite is considered to be somewhat particular among the satellites in our solar system.
Our natural satellite... The Moon is a spaceship

Our natural satellite… The Moon is a spaceship

The Moon is a spacecraft first and foremost, it is the fifth largest satellite in the system, something interesting considering that it is the only satellite of comparable size orbiting a rocky planet (by the way, Phobos and Deimos – satellites of Mars – they are about 300 times smaller): all similarly sized satellites orbit around Jupiter and Saturn.

Another peculiarity of the moon is its orbit.
According to calculations by some scientists, the Moon has an orbit closer than it should, considering its speed and mass. To solve this problem, it is generally assumed that the moon’s interior regions are less dense than the rocky surface… and it was inevitable that at some point the question would arise: what if the moon was hollow?

Similar criticisms can also be found in history, it is the case of the Zulu of Africa, who believed that the Moon was hollow and that there was the base of the Chitauri, or as some call them reptiles or reptilians, a race of intelligent aliens that would control the human race….

Origin of the theory
In 1970, two Soviet scientists proposed that the Moon is actually a spacecraft built by extraterrestrial beings with superior intelligence and technology for the purpose of observing the Earth from a distance.

The theory that the Moon is a spacecraft was put forward by two members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Alexander Shcherbakov and Michael Vasin in an article entitled.

“Is the moon the creation of an extraterrestrial intelligence?” Vasin and Ribinsk concluded that extraterrestrial beings with technology far superior to anything known on Earth use the Moon as a space station.

The authors explain that the material on the moon’s surface is made up of different elements, including chromium, titanium and zirconium. It is further noted that some rocks on the moon are actually older than the oldest rocks on Earth, again suggesting that the Moon is a spacecraft.

They believe that the Moon is made up of a rocky outer layer a few kilometers thick, and beneath it is a void, where aliens can be found.

The Zulu
In the story, the Zulu mentions the alien race called the “Chitauri” who brought the Moon to Earth. As a vehicle for observing, manipulating and controlling the human race. This account is very similar to what was also mentioned in Mesopotamia and Sumer about the two brothers Enlil and Enki.

The Moon is a spaceship It is said that in the past (before the Moon) there were no seasons and the planet was shrouded in a soft mist.

The Earth was impressive in its magnificence, but after the Moon was placed in Earth’s orbit, everything changed. There was chaos in the weather as a major flood and other important events began to occur.

It is apparently hollow inside.
According to the theory, the Moon would have a rocky surface. With traces of heavy metals and a progressively greater hardness up to about 20 kilometers deep. (Which would explain why the biggest craters were not deep.)

Beyond this point, there would be a heated interior that would surely contain an atmosphere and where the creatures would dwell.

The Moon is a spaceship to finish, some lunar craters appear to have been generated by volcanic activity… But the moon does not have a magma core and there is no known volcanic activity on its surface.

The Moon is also a spacecraft, it is the only satellite to have an almost perfectly circular orbit, so precise that it is capable of hiding the entire Sun on the Earth’s surface.

These are important coincidences, if the moon really was created after the impact of a giant body. Because it hasn’t been visited by humans since the 1970s

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