More Than 30 Advanced Alien Civilizations Are Living in the Milky Way, According to Researchers (video)

We have always wished to know whether there are other life forms out there other than us. The discovery of intelligent life forms could indicate so much about the universe and how small we really are on its spectrum. But, discovering those beings could also result in clearing up an ongoing theory that’s been plaguing the scientist’s minds since our first trip to the Moon in 1969.

If there are no other living organisms then that means that every civilization that ever lived and ever did live before has an expiration date.

According to a new study by Christopher Conselice, there should be at least 30 intelligent civilizations out there. So, he created himself a device known as the “Copernicus Astrobiological Limit” which basically calculates the possibility of life emerging on its own thanks to evolution based on our own current evolution.

The test resulted that life should result out of less than 5 billion years of evolution, and according to the computer, there should be around 36 or so civilizations already living in our known system. Since the closest is around 17,000 light-years away from us though reaching them would take a very long time.

If we find out that a more or less advanced civilization perished in that time span then that could be a grim reminder that our own civilization might be heading down the same slippery slope as them. What do you think though?


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