Underwater Skyscraper Found in the Opposite Side of The Planet to Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

This new discovery was actually made not too long ago through the use of Google Earth and as far as we can tell there appears to be no scientist willing to explain this, to begin with.

This massive underwater skyscraper was actually discovered on the opposite side of the planet in comparison to the Giza Pyramids all around. This might sound like quite a stretch but it is the truth as these two appear to be linked to one another despite being on literally the other side of the planet to one another.

As far as we can tell, there is no way that we can actually reach the skyscraper on our own as it is right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and actually reaching it would be very dangerous considering the many predators that sit patiently waiting for their prey right there.

So, as far as we know all that we can really do is just theorize over what it could possibly be. So far experts agree that it appears to be the entrance to the Hollow Earth.

In case you didn’t know already, the Hollow Earth theory states that there is a world inside of our planet which is inhabited by aliens or reptile people that choose to live outside of our current governmental figures.

You can find yourself this structure on Google Earth if you’re interested. Just add in the following coordinates and let the app do the rest: 32 30’07 .74 “S 149 52’46 .51” W

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