Lost civilization in Antarctica? “The Secrets of the Frozen Continent”

Lost civilization in Antarctica? “The Secrets of the Frozen Continent”

The number of strange discoveries that have been carried out on the continent has led many theorists to suggest that a lost civilization existed in Antarctica.

The idea that Antarctica is not just an icy region has been around for years. The unexplored nature of the place has led to  many theories being born around it . However, some of these have some support … with the hypothesis that a lost civilization inhabited the place.

For decades, pyramids, underground bases, UFO sightings  and other strange events have been found  that lead us to believe that  there is “something” hidden in the ice.

The supposed pyramids of Antarctica
One of the most controversial and, in turn, interesting topics, is related to strange  pyramidal formations  that have been found in Antarctica.

According to different researchers, numerous images have shown the existence of  supermassive structures . Some of these have been compared to the  Pyramids of Egypt.

Obviously, science claims that there are no pyramids in Antarctica, however, there are reasons  to believe otherwise . One of the things that most generate suspicions about the reality of the frozen continent is the map that illustrates the continent without any ice.

This is the  Piri Reis map , one of the letters that has generated the most controversy within the scientific community.

The map was made by the Turkish admiral Piri Reis, and is a compilation of much older maps, where around 20 lost ancient letters are collected  .

Who mapped Antarctica without ice, if this happened millions of years ago? It is believed that those responsible were the same ones who  built their pyramids .

Currently, thanks to technological advance, it has been possible to observe pyramids buried under the ice. This was observed thanks to the  Integrated Ocean Drilling Program , an international subsea exploration program.

However, scientists say they are only “strangely shaped mountains” and not evidence of  ancient civilizations .

Other types of structures are added to the pyramids, such as the one found in East Antarctica. There is an  oval construction  that sticks out of the ground. It is about  122 meters wide , and could be the remains of some city buried under the ice.

The same has happened with satellite images; the amount of captures that have been made with applications such as Google Earth, show strange buried formations …

Are there alien bases and massive structures?
If the existence of pyramids or other constructions weren’t weird enough, the possibility that they harbor  alien bases  makes it even more intriguing.

Different UFO hunters have captured alleged evidence, thanks to  satellite images , of possible entrances to underground bases.

For them, these entries belong to  extraterrestrial civilizations . One of the main researchers and disseminators of this theory is the user SecureTeam10.

In the same way, strange massive structures have been found, some with such peculiar shapes,  like discs . In Wilkes Land, an anomaly exists that spans  250 kilometers across , with a depth of 800 meters.

In the same way, Antarctica may have been an escape route for one of the most controversial regimes in history. It is believed that on the frozen continent, the Nazis hid  advanced technology and wᴇᴀᴘoɴs.

This is not so far-fetched when you consider the fact that Nazi Germany built bunkers and  secret bases  all over the world. Thinking of a supermassive base in a practically unexplored region  is not unreasonable.

Base 211 is the name given to this alleged Nazi massive bunker. It is said that New Swabia, also known as Neuschwabenland, between 20 ° E and 10 ° W in the Land of Queen Maud, is where the Nazi Antarctic exploration team found an area with vegetation, without ice and even streams.

How can we observe, Antarctica is not just a frozen continent and harbors more mysteries than we think. Is it possible that there is a lost civilization in the ice?

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