‘Time traveller’ warns new creatures will emerge when ground opens and millions vanish

A TikToker who claims to have ‘leaked’ information from a self-proclaimed time traveller has issued a chilling warning for apocalyptic events that are set to begin this summer.

Kawhi Leonard, also known as ‘thehiddengod1’, claims in his video that the ground across the US will split just months before a deadly new species are discovered and millions of people are declared missing.

The terrifying prophecies are said to take place on specific dates between July and October, which TikTok users have been urged to remember.

The clip said: “WARNING: A leaked document from a time traveller has warned us to remember these dates for 2022.

“July 14th 2022 – ‘The great split’ America’s biggest earthquake.

“August 9th 2022 – Over 2 million people around the world mysteriously disappear.

“October 3rd 2022 – Creatures known as stalkers will appear around the globe.”

The ‘hiddengod1’ claims the land across America will split open (Image: richardtilsed / TikTok)
It is unclear whether the spine-chilling warnings are linked but some of Leonard’s fans wasted no time, leaving prayers of hope for the future of humanity in the comments.

One wrote: “Only Allah knows what will happen please protect us.”

Another commented: “The comment section is now a church.”

“God will make sure we’re safe,” a third replied.

Millions of people will go missing in August, according to the claims (Image: richardtilsed / TikTok)
However, other TikTok users didn’t seem convinced as they claimed the user had been watching Marvel’s Infinity War too much and others said they would only believe it if it was seen on an episode of The Simpsons.

One user said: “Me not believing it. *Writes it down just in case*.”

Another wrote: “Bro after watching infinity war.”

A third added: “The Simpsons will tell us.”

The news comes after another so-called time traveller “from the year 2236” told their followers a dead celebrity who “faked his death” is going to return in September 2022.

The new creatures will be ‘called stalkers’, the supposed prophecies state (Image: richardtilsed / TikTok)


Time travel
Time travel is the concept of movement between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in space by an object or a person, typically with the use of a hypothetical device known as a time machine. Time travel is a widely recognized concept in philosophy and fiction, particularly science fiction. The idea of a time machine was popularized by H. G. Wells‘ 1895 novel The Time Machine.[1]

It is uncertain if time travel to the past is physically possible, and such travel, if at all feasible, may give rise to questions of causality. Forward time travel, outside the usual sense of the perception of time, is an extensively observed phenomenon and well-understood within the framework of special relativity and general relativity. However, making one body advance or delay more than a few milliseconds compared to another body is not feasible with current technology. As for backward time travel, it is possible to find solutions in general relativity that allow for it, such as a rotating black hole. Traveling to an arbitrary point in spacetime has very limited support in theoretical physics, and is usually connected only with quantum mechanics or wormholes.



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