Discover The Mystery Of “Organism 46 B”, The Monster Of Lake Vostok

It’s already an open secret that a completely unknown world is hidden beneath the ice of Antarctica… especially under Lake Vostok. But the story of a Russian researcher, who claimed to fight a creature of the “46 B organism”, does not cease to amaze.

A Soviet investigation revealed that Lake Vostok exists unknown life One of them is known as organism 46-B and was the cause of the defection of a scientist.

The organism 46 B creature from Antarctica

Anton Padalka belonged to a Soviet research team on Lake Vostok. He defected after discovering that the country wanted to use a find made in Antarctica militarily.

Padalka took refuge in Switzerland after assessing an unknown life form in Lake Vostok. In his own words, it was a strange and terrifying monster known as Organism 46-B.

On the first day of the expedition, the creature was found during a dive that required a low-temperature wetsuit.

The organism 46-B is a species of huge octopus, although it has 14 arms rather than 8. Its appearance resembles the glass octopus, “Vitreledonella richardi”.

However, this creature had one advantage; a poison located in the bag that normally stores ink. This toxin is capable of paralyzing over 45 meters away.

These features were confirmed by radio operator and expedition member Alexis Vindogradov. He had been sent to report on the creature, but both he and the radio were lost.

46-B, as the Indo-Pacific Octopus Mimic Mimic physically transforms into 15 different aquatic animals; lionfish, sea snake or jellyfish.

A prehistoric creature?

Padalka claimed to have seen the entity transformed into something resembling a human diver. They mistook him for a crew member swimming towards them. The scientist who was at the head of the group became the second person to die at the hands of this creature, shortly before realizing he was not a diver. According to the expert’s statements, he tore it apart in minutes.

Expedition leader AM Yelagin chose to trap the organism in a sample tank. Dr. María Kalashnik was tasked with “attracting” 46-B due to her physical ability as a former professional athlete.

The trap worked, but one of the creature’s limbs caught Kalashnik, who was forced to defend himself with his axe.

The scientist claimed that when they managed to get her off the surface, Soviet security immobilized her immediately.

There is no record in the international press. The entrance to the hole they entered through was sealed. However, the current Russian government is believed to have a sample of the creature’s venom to develop weapons.

Would it be a prehistoric being? We do not know. As we mentioned, the only evidence about the case is the statements of defecting scientist Anton Padalka.

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