Did you know that the Pleiadians and the Anunnaki alien race have fought each other in the past?

It’s amazing how much information and artifacts have been lost over time to hide humanity’s true history and maintain the dominant narrative.

There is a lot of misinformation about our planet’s real history, as if someone determined that we would never know about the wonders of the past. The writings we studied in school have always tarnished our history, but real history is inscribed in stone.

The oldest documented civilization in history is the legendary Sumerian culture. The Anunnaki gods were worshiped by Sumerian civilization. The term “Anunnaki” means “those who fell from the sky” in its literal sense. Mesopotamia is where the Sumerian civilization emerged approximately 3800 BC.

The Euphrates and Tigris rivers separated this region. According to historical records, this society became extinct in 2024 BC when winds from the Sinai Peninsula carried a massive and lethal radioactive cloud.

It seems that there was a significant nuclear war in those times. If you watch the video below, you’ll learn a ton of incredibly useful information that traditional historians tend to overlook.


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