Eyewitnesses Spotted A UFO ‘Swallowing Water’ From A Lake In Australia (Video)

“More proof that our team members are extremely interested in our natural resources.” They film a UFO swallowing water from an Australian lake.

In the early morning hours of Christmas 1994, just outside the city of Gosford, Australia, several eyewitnesses saw something amazing. Everyone denounced, with stories that confirmed each other, that the UFO was ingesting water from the lake.

UFO absorbs water from the lake

All witnesses stated that the UFO was metallic and shiny silver. He appeared in the night sky and went from south to north until he reached what seemed to be his goal; and the body of water from Gosford.

June O’Hara, one of the witnesses to the incident, observed a spherical and shiny object move through the water. He claimed to have been surrounded by lights and at a certain point began to suck the water of the lake, causing a small whirlpool.

According to the UFO Casebook portal, local media published the following: The Weekly Sun. This article caused many people to call the paper claiming they had also witnessed a UFO sucking up water.

The large group of people who interacted with the newspaper represented different strata of society. Were from lawyers, policemen, teachers, workers and much more.

Some witnesses have described several beams of light emanating from the bottom of the ship. They were directed downwards and caused a commotion in the water.

Other people reported that they were awakened by a very loud sound, which caused the pets to behave strangely. Even the police could not find a clear explanation for the number of messages they received.

Researcher and ufologist Moira McGee began her investigation with eyewitness accounts and calls to every possible takeoff site for planes and weather balloons, helicopters, or any ship. received no evidence about the origin of the strange object.

In fact, in a recent article he commented that “the appearance of a UFO hovering over the waters near Gosford in 1994 has never been explained.”

No conclusive evidence

Another point that does not help the investigation of the case is the lack of photos or videos. There is no tangible evidence, as at that time there were no surveillance cameras near the lake and it was not possible to take photographs, unlike today.

The only existing evidence is numerous eyewitness accounts.

However, footage from an unknown source has been found that offers interviews with many eyewitness accounts of the UFO sucking up water.

It should be noted that this city is already quite controversial due to a number of glyphs located in some of the caves. These symbols are identical to Egyptian hieroglyphs.

So far, the case of a UFO absorbing water from a lake in Australia is one of the most controversial. It is impossible to take this as a hoax due to the large number of stories and complaints. However, there is no concrete evidence for this…


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