Turns Out Antarctica is Not a so Desolate Place – it doesn’t contain many alien secrets yet

There have always been plenty of conspiracies tied to Antarctica, but we were never able to find anything that really stuck to it entirely.

Luckily though, that’s a thing of the past now, since we have finally uncovered the one and only truth behind this no-so-desolate icy kingdom.

The truth is that underneath Antarctica lies an ancient city unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Only a couple of miles below the ice we can immediately spot enormous buildings that are so complex that there is no doubt on my mind when I state the fact that this is not made by normal human hands.

Strange triangular crafts and even the bodies of people that have been discovered back in the 90s seem to all get discovered one at a time from underneath the cold continent. Ever since this discovery has been made, the US government has begun blocking any streaming of a video in Antarctica, making sure that whatever’s been kept a secret for so long will keep being a secret from this day onwards.

The mere thought of the archaeological evidence that can be found in this place is astonishing and most definitely worth a look.

A common theory that goes around at the moment states that the lands underneath Antarctica might be filled with all of the technology that the Nazis have been stashing since the Second World War. If that is the truth then that would definitely explain the secretive motives behind this cover-up.


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