FBI And Wikileaks Release Secret Documents That Prove The Existence Of Extraterrestrial Beings And Beings From Other Dimensions

What seems to be surprising to some is that the FBI has shown an unusual interest in publicizing the UFO phenomenon recently. Some researchers claim that many science fiction movies are actually based on real events, or rather the so-called “leaks” given by the government are to deliberately raise awareness among the population…

FBI e Wikileaks divulgam documentos secretos que provam a existência de seres extraterrestres e seres de outras dimensões


In 2011, after some documents were “declassified” a report written by an FBI special agent in 1947 reached the public. The FBI special agent, a lieutenant colonel whose identity was withheld for the sake of “national security” has gathered numerous data on the UFO phenomenon after interviewing and studying the phenomena for years.

According to “declassified” reports and documents, we are visited by various extraterrestrial species, some of which are not just from other planets, but from other dimensions.

Some of these beings come from an ethereal plane co-existing with our physical universe. Some of these “entities” could “materialize” on our planet and appear as giant translucent figures.

Here is a transcript of some of the most important details from the report:
1. Some flying saucers carry crews, others are under remote control2. Your mission is peaceful. 3.

Some of these visitors are human-type, but much larger in size4.

They are not from Earth5.

Some of them do not come from a planet as we use the word, but from an etheric planet that interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us.

6. The bodies of some of these beings materialize automatically upon entering the vibratory pattern of our dense matter7.

The disks have a kind of radiant energy or lightning, which can easily disintegrate any of our ships. 8. The region from which they come is not the “astral plane”, but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. (Students of esoteric subjects will understand these terms)9.

They probably cannot be reached by radio waves, but they can probably be located by radar. What are your thoughts on the topic? If these beings have been visiting us frequently in the last 50 to 60 years, is it possible that they are the same beings that visited Earth hundreds and thousands of years ago?

Is it possible that these beings influenced civilization as we know it today?

And is it possible that they are still influencing the way of life on Earth? Or just the fudge of people who have nothing to do?

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