Ohio Air Force Base Is A House of Crashed UFOs, Dead & Living Aliens, Officials Claim

A UFO conspiracy around the dead aliens has been supported by a number of US officials who worked for years in the military. Area-51 has always been a number one place for UFO enthusiasts where aliens are kept according to their opinion. But there are other alleged places where aliens might be resting and one such site is at the Ohio base.

This statement comes from Retired US Air Force Engineer Raymond Szymanski who worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio for 39 years. He claimed that a vast complex of underground tunnels and vaults in Ohio is hiding the remains of the aliens that crashed in 1947 near Roswell. However, the former Air Force man also warns that the secret base is home to living aliens.

Szymanski provided detailed information about alien activity at the base in his book called “50 Shades of Greys.” According to him, aliens from the Roswell Crash of 1947 were transported to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for inspection after the crash. And since then, they have remained at the secret base in custody.

ohio base
Raymond Szymanski, who later became an extra-terrestrial researcher, claimed his mentor told him that the Roswell aliens were taken to the base for testing. Image Credit: Glen McCurtayne

Szymanski said it was his mentor who described the tunnels that house the living and deceased aliens in the secret base to him. There are many secrets, and the deeper you go, the more secretive it becomes. He claimed his mentor asked him, “Have you heard about our aliens?” as he showed him around.

In his exclusive interview with The Sun in 2017, he said: “I was assigned to the Avionics Laboratory’s Management Operations Office to work with my mentor, an industrial engineering and MBA graduate. During my first week, [mentor] provided me with some totally unexpected and unsolicited sage advice.”

The former Air Force engineer claimed that state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities and deep underground cryogenic chambers were put in place at WPAFB to preserve alien debris, alien technology, weapons, and even bodies and captured aliens.

“He said that in 1947 there was a crash down in Roswell and they brought the machines and the aliens here for an inspection and said they keep them in secret tunnels under the base. When I asked him how he came to know about the secret, he responded, “Everybody who works on base knows. I was stunned. Me, a young co-op student barely into his first week, was now initiated into a small select group of 10,000 people and given their most incredible secret ever – that we have aliens and their craft in our tunnels on our base.”

After the incredible details Szymanski had come across, he started digging deeper into the subject and found that the Foreign Technology Division (FTD) on the base housed Project Blue Book, the Air Force’s official UFO investigation project from 1952 -1969.

alien base at Ohio military base
The former engineer also showed The Sun a note written by his mentor Al, where he is believed to have mentioned “flying.” Image Credit: The Sun

“For the next four decades I had dozens if not hundreds of brief conversations regarding the ‘secret’ I’d been given during my first week on base,” he said.

Though Szymanski never encountered any of these greys himself, he claimed to have had three separate encounters with real-life “Men In Black” type characters on and around the Dayton base. He said the men wore black suits and black hats even in the middle of an Ohio summer and spied on him on three occasions.

roswell aliens
Szymanski claimed this d isc-shaped structure on the Ohio base is an ancient burial ground and believes its size and shape is no coincidence. Image Credit: Glen McCurtayne

It has been rumored for many years that there is a highly-classified series of rooms, aircraft hangars, and underground chambers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where there is physical evidence of UFOs wreckage recovered spacecraft and alien bodies. This location is dubbed ‘The Blue Room’ within Hangar 18.

American ufologist Leonard H. Stringfield was certainly the prominent figure who took the interest to look behind the door of Hangar 18. According to his research and collected data, there is a tremendous amount of UFO material and alien bodies locked in Hangar 18.

Stringfield studied many accounts but two were quite fascinating, brought to his attention by researcher Charles Wilhelm. He recalled: “In 1959, a lady living alone in Price Hill, Cincinnati, had hired young Charles to cut her grass all summer. She knew of his interest in the UFO [subject] but said little about it until she became ill with cancer. Knowing that she had a short time to live, she called Charles to her bedside to reveal a startling story. She said that she had had a Top Secret clearance in her past work at Wright-Patterson and had seen two saucer-shaped craft in a secret hangar. One craft was intact; the other, damaged. She also knew of two ‘small creatures’ preserved inside another secret building and had personally handled the paperwork on their autopsy report. She told Charles, ‘Uncle Sam can’t do anything to me after I’m in the grave.’”

There is another account brought to Stringfield by Wilhelm following his acquisition of sensitive intelligence data in 1966. Stringfield stated: “Wilhelm got the story from a friend in the Army Reserve whose father worked with Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson Field and held high-security clearance. At the time of his death, the father told his son about the two disc-shaped craft and four preserved small alien bodies.”

Ohio Air Force alien base
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Area B, Building 4, Modification Hangar & Flight Research Lab, South end of flightline between Thirteenth Street & Loop Road, Dayton, Montgomery County, OH. Image credit: Library Of Congress

Wright-Patterson was the confirmed site of Project Sign — later Project Grudge, and later still, Project Blue Book — an official government study of UFOs. This secretive government research project was officially “terminated” in 1969.

A former USAF intelligence officer Major George A. Filer III claimed a gray alien was shot and killed at Fort Dix in New Jersey in 1978. Later, a special cleaning team arrived at the scene, but the alien had already been dead, and the body was taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. His story was well-covered by author John L. Guerra in his book “Strange Craft: The True Story of An Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs.”

The rumors of the existence of Hangar 18 also inspired a 1980 movie called “Hanger 18.” Before the release of this movie, in 1974, science fiction writer Robert Spencer Carr claimed the military was holding “two flying saucers of unknown origin” inside Hangar 18. Undoubtedly, the government and the USAF have always strongly denied the rumors about the base.

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