A strange grey alien was seen on camera walking inside a UFO.

This article is about a footage of a grey alien wandering through its UFO. According to Brett, who found a link between this footage and the well-known alien film “Close Encounters,” there is no retouching or CGI manipulation in the movie.

Brett goes on to say, “It didn’t look to be a human at all.” It’s possible it has anything to do with the government, though it’s hard to say.

Brett eventually comes to the conclusion that the UFO’s items are probably from another planet.

Despite this, another fan had a different theory. This admirer connects the creature inside the UFO to the well-known Grey Aliens, alleging that it moves like a person and, moreover, appears to be working on the spaceship’s controls while wearing pants.

Many others, however, disagree with these notions, claiming that it’s all “mirrors and light.” Meanwhile, locals in the English countryside are concerned about a number of crop circles that have appeared.

Consider the video below and make your own conclusions.


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