VIDEO – Latest captures of the Black Knight by NASA while orbiting the Earth

Recently, fans and researchers of the UFO phenomenon discovered that NASA astronauts recorded images of a strange object orbiting the earth while they were aboard the International Space Station. The video has caused a sensation on the internet, and some believe they are sure that it is something alien.

International Space Station

the mysterious object

Researchers of the UFO phenomenon claim that the strange object was an alien spacecraft orbiting the earth, and claim that NASA ignored this evidence . The video where this strange body appears was published on the YouTube channel UFO Today, where they deal with this topic.

“ The ISS captured an alien flying over the front of a storm. We can clearly see the mysterious object flying over the storm front. The object is orbiting the earth so it is not affected by the storm that is on earth. What was this object? Let me know in the comments! Kind regards, UFO Today.”

the black knight

Similarly, in the video, they suggest that this strange object could be the much-named “Black Knight”, which, according to supporters of this theory, is an alien satellite that has been orbiting the earth since ancient times.

the black knight

Is there an alien satellite orbiting the earth?

However, as often happens with topics of this type, there are those who believe and there are those who do not believe. For example, expert scientists assure that the supposed “Black Knight” is nothing more than space junk , it would be a thermal shield lost by the astronauts when they made spare parts to the ISS.

But there are those who claim that NASA, along with other government agencies, are hiding the truth from the public. In conclusion, the existence of the “Black Knight” is something that remains to the perception of each person, so we ask you: Do you think the black knight exists?

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