“Aliens are superhuman, they are among us and they control the human mind” – Incredible statement from a university professor

A stir has arisen on the Internet with recent claims by Temple University history professor Dr. David Jacobs that he speaks of the existence of aliens. He has also claimed repeatedly in the past that aliens are walking the Earth and allegedly preparing an “all-out invasion.” He has also suggested that the Grays may have been created as a result of experiments on abductees.

From what he says, aliens aren’t just walking among us, they’re abducting people and using their powers to control our minds, aiming for a massive takeover of Earth.

Dr. David Jacobs, specializing in ufology, has written several books on alien abductions.

Speaking in ‘Extraordinary: The Revelations’, the professor stated:

‘We have spread all over the world and conquered everything we could. We don’t know if that’s true of other beings or not, but it’s certainly true of what humans have done. Yeah, I think aliens do the same thing.”

Dr. Jacobs said he hasn’t talked to many abduction survivors. According to his testimony, the aliens revealed to them that they have a job to do in the future. Many of the alleged abductees referred to an alien ability to control the human mind.

“They are superhuman”

As for the look of the aliens? The professor mentioned the claims of abductees by aliens, whom they encountered in their UFOs.

“Based on their descriptions, they looked like humans, coming down from UFOs and trying to learn what it’s like to walk among us, to be human,” he said.

“Only these are superhumans. They can control the human mind. I don’t know what will happen next, I fear the worst. I think these UFO beings have done this in the past,” she added.

Gray aliens evolved from abductees

Before Jacobs’ latest statements, and while being interviewed on The Richard Dolan Show, he explained how the gray aliens came to be. He assumed that they may have been created as a result of tests performed on abductees.

“When people say they’ve been abducted, they’re almost always talking about gray aliens,” he explained on The Richard Dolan Show. “Since we were abducted, they used a part of us to create gray aliens. The reason I say the gray aliens could have human DNA is because they have two huge black eyes. They have two holes on the sides of their heads for ears; this is important, you cannot exist normally without being able to hear around you.”

Jacobs also acknowledged that it is common for gray aliens to have two nostrils, like humans. But he noticed the anomaly of the grays having a slit instead of a mouth.

“The question is: why do they have a slit instead of a mouth?” Jacobs goes on to explain. “They are not breathing, there is no sign that they are breathing. Sometimes they got very close to people, sometimes even touching their foreheads. I asked people, “Did you feel his breath on your face?” The answer is always no. They don’t have lungs, they have very thin bodies, the lungs don’t expand or contract from side to side. They do not speak, but only telepathically. They don’t eat like us. So why is there a cut in the mouth? The thing is, those gray aliens probably had human DNA in them, which allowed the gray aliens to grow. I don’t know, but that’s my best guess and it comes down to a cut on their mouth that they shouldn’t have.”

More and more scientists are convinced of the alien presence on our planet. For example, in 2019, Dr. Yong-hae Chi, a Korean professor at the Oxford Oriental Institute, claimed that aliens are breeding with humans to produce a subspecies that could save the planet from climate change.

Dr. Chi openly believes that there is also a “strong correlation” between alien abductions and Earth’s climate change. At a conference in 2012, Dr. Chi said that not only scientists and theologians, but non-human species as well, seem to be very concerned about the ability of the human species to survive.

An Oxford University professor told The Oxford Student newspaper that aliens are close to us, but we can’t see them.

One could go on listing a large number of scientists who are convinced that there are aliens on our planet. But the most important thing is that all this indicates that this possibility is beginning to be officially considered.

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