Astronomer Jacques Vallée ‘Trinity’ UFO Crash: Encounter With Three Aliens In 1945

A long-time hidden case was unraveled by Internet pioneer and astronomer Dr. Jacques Vallée in his latest book which came out in 2021. Along with journalist Paola Harris, Dr. Vallée investigated a secret UFO coverup that occurred during the time of the first atomic bomb testing. The two seasoned analysts who found a global pattern in the UFO phenomena uncovered the details behind the mysterious UFO and ET sightings that happened in 1945.

This new research book, “TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret,” published by Dr. Vallée and Harris claims that there has been concrete proof for the actual recovery of unidentified flying objects in the United States since 1945. The New Mexico crash occurred two years before Roswell and the renowned sighting by pilot Kenneth Arnold in 1947.

Apart from the atomic bomb testing at a place called “Trinity,” located on White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, a few weeks later, something else occurred at the site. According to a local rancher and his children, the strangely shaped craft of unknown origin fell into the desert. Ranchers who resided close to the bomb site witnessed and felt the explosion. The glare from the explosion caused one member of the rancher’s family to lose vision in one eye.

Trinity UFO crash
Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret by Jacques F. Vallée

Dr. Vallée’s Trinity is based on the testimonies of numerous people who eyewitnessed the object after it struck a communications tower, dug a trench in the desert floor, and came to rest on a ranch property west of San Antonio, New Mexico, not far from the location of the Trinity explosion. With the exception of a hole in its side, the “egg-shaped object” was mostly undamaged, according to Vallée.

Dr. Vallée is known for coding the first computer-based map of Mars while working on NASA projects at the University of Texas in Austin and creating the first interactive computer database of UFO observations with Project Blue Book. He was also the real-life model for the character portrayed by François Truffaut in the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” before serving as a founder of a family of venture capital funds in Silicon Valley, specialized in information technology and biotech investments.

The rancher’s two young children said they saw three occupants inside: “They were short. They were about the same size as the kids, about four feet tall. They were humanoid,” Dr. Vallée noted. “They were breathing the air. They didn’t have a helmet or a mask or anything else. They had sharp eyes. They had almost no mouth and very little nose. And they were wearing coveralls that look gray. And they stayed inside the object so the kids saw them through that opening.”

Dr. Vallée calculated the size and weight of the craft by learning what kind of truck and trailer was used to transport it away from the crash scene. He said, “My estimation is between four and a half tons and five tons.” When it was on the truck and ready to be transported, the children attempted to move it. Because it would not have passed under the overpass on the highway if it had been upright, it was on its side.

Trinity UFO crash
On July 16, 1945 the world changed with the explosion of the first atomic bomb. The explosion took place at Trinity Site which is on what is now White Sands Missile Range. Trinity Site is a national historic landmark which is open to the public twice a year. has taken the Project Gutenberg text, and enhanced the information. Image credit: Atomic Archive

Dr. Vallée claimed it took days for officials to show up, and by then the three crew members had vanished. Nevertheless, metal samples were collected, and they are currently being analyzed in a lab. The Trinity authors have chronicled the military’s step-by-step efforts to retrieve the object from the property where it crash-landed during a storm using their combined extensive experience conducting field research all around the world.

However, the connection between the remarkable UFO crash and the first atomic bomb’s explosion at White Sands, which occurred less than 20 miles distant, in July 1945, has gone unnoticed. It was claimed that the UFO may have been watching the beginn ing of the atomic age when the blast allegedly alerted it to the area.

In addition to the obvious strategic consequences, Harris and Dr. Vallée argue that the link is important for physical, topographical, and biological reasons. Not only did the witnesses see the object really crash onto their land, but they also saw every military operation to lift and remove it. They did not speak about what they had seen and done over those nine days at the site during the recovery process for nearly 60 years out of fear of punishment.

It was claimed that the UFO may have been watching the beginning of the atomic age when the blast allegedly alerted it to the area. In the book, they tell the tale of Jose Padilla, Sabrina Padilla, Mr. Remigio Baca, and others.

Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret by Jacques F. Vallée
Jose Padilla as a child: Image credit: Trinity by Dr. Jacques F. Vallée

Jose and Baca were only children when they had seen an odd aircraft crash in the vicinity of San Antonito, New Mexico, in August 1945. Padilla, who later rose to the position of State Trooper in Rowland Heights, California, insisted that he and Baca had witnessed a sizable, dull-gray, avocado-shaped object as children, along with its frenzied occupants, on his family’s property. They claim that the military later found the object.

“There was a rainstorm the day it came down. We heard something like a sonic boom, and we saw some smoke. We got on our horses. The thing had hit that very high tower, then it spun around, descended to this area, and crashed, leaving a long gash in the earth, as long as a football field. The greasewood caught fire. The closest we came that day was about 300 feet. There was a hole. We saw small men running back and forth as in a panic. We must have been there two hours, and we went home and we told my father. He called the State Police.” – Officer Jose Padilla

Dr. Vallée on Geroge Knapp’s show: “So I asked Jose how come you can’t tell me if they were creatures or men? Well, they were short. They were about the same size as the kids about four feet tall. They were humanoid. They were breathing the air. They didn’t have a helmet or a mask or anything else. They had sharp eyes. They had almost no mouth and very little nose. And they were wearing coveralls that look gray. And they stayed inside the object so the kids saw them through that opening sort of being apparently very agitated, very worried about, but they were not apparently not hurt. So they watched this for a while and then they say they have to report it to somebody. The older kid, Jose, wants to go inside and help. The younger kid Raimi doesn’t want anything to do with it. He’s very scared, he’s crying, he’s terrified. They decide the important thing is to report it, which is true. They get on their horses, they go home, they report it to their father. The father calls the state police and the State Police is going to come there, you know 48 hours later with the Father and with the kids. So that’s essentially the stage. Paola was the first to know about the case and to interview both of the witnesses, and to gather the information, and then she brought me in to look at the technical aspects of it. And we’ve been working on it for four years, I’ve gone there five times.”

In the second edition of the book that has recently been updated, Dr. Vallée and Harris present additional witness testimony they have gathered about the alleged incident, including a recollection of the crash from the family of Lt. Colonel William J. Brothy, who was operating a B-25 at the time on a training mission. The scene featured “a lot of fragments,” according to Brothy, who had flown over it with his crew.

In Trinity, Dr. Vallée draws attention to what, in his opinion, are indisputable parallels between the descriptions of the encounter from 1945 and a UAP landing in New Mexico that police officer Lonnie Zamora saw in 1964. Then, the following year, a remarkably similar incident involving the close observation of a landed craft and its apparent pilot or occupant took place close to Valensole, France.

Dr. Vallée collected purported metal from the UFO cases dated back to 1947 including Trinity UFO debris and brought them to Stanford University for analysis. Dr. Gary Nolan, a Stanford microbiologist analyzed the 3-D atomic structure of the unknown metal with a state-of-the-art Multiparameter Ion Beam Imager (MIBI) capable of discerning the precise composition of matter at the level of its isotopes.

“In the case of Trinity, two boys got into what they claimed is a craft and took a piece of it. And they’ve kept it since 1945. I come to it with no preconceptions. I come to it with, well, here’s how you do the analysis. Am I the best person to do the analysis? No. Absent an actual metallurgist stepping in, I’m willing to do the groundwork, to get preliminary results that might interest a sufficiently expert metallurgist to go the next step,” Dr. Nolan said in an interview with KQED.

The result might be shocking for non-believers as when he put the sample in the vacuum chamber of the machine, he found out that their composition was unlike any other known metal on Earth. “If you’re talking about an advanced material from an advanced civilization you’re talking about something that I’ll just call it an ultra material right it’s something which has properties where somebody is putting it together again at the atomic scale so we’re building our world with 80 elements somebody else is building the world with 253 different isotopes,” Dr. Nolan said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vallée insisted that these materials are not natural, they were manufactured for some special purpose either on Earth or outer space.

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