The Falkirk Triangle UFO Hotspot – Strange UFO Sightings And Alien Abductions

It seems that there are some places in this world that simply attract UFOs. For reasons yet to be clarified, these places are literally overflowing with unexplained phenomena, and in many cases, they have become famous UFO sighting hotspots. One such place is Falkirk Triangle.

The UFO Hotspot Called The Falkirk Triangle

One such area is in Scotland, the so-called ” Falkirk Triangle”, which begins at the small village of Bonnybridge, extends east to Fife, and then extending back west to Stirling. The boundaries of the “triangle” are quite variable and often some nearby towns and villages are also considered.

The area of the Falkirk Triangle itself is mostly farmland, rolling hills, moorland, and mining towns, usually not much to see, but the area is known to be an absolute hotspot for UFO activity, and the epicenter of this seems to be the little village of Bonnybridge itself, which is not so far from Edinburgh and often referred to as the “UFO Capital of Scotland“.

It is claimed that about 300 reports of UFO sightings a year come from this village and that about one in three locals have seen something strange in the sky at one point or another.


This enigmatic wave of UFO sightings began in the late 1980s and continues to this day. One of the earliest reports dates back to 1989, and then, in addition to local residents, the fire brigade, which came to extinguish the house, became eyewitnesses. They saw a red glowing ball of light fly straight towards one of the fire engines before taking off into the sky, after which a second UFO appeared, this time with intense white light, which descended and floated over nearby Loch Ellrig.

Because of this incident, many people were interviewed and their testimonies were very similar, so everything indicated that they really saw something mysterious.

An even more famous report from Bonnybridge came in 1992 when local businessman James Walker was driving from Falkirk to Bonnybridge on his way home from work and noticed some strange lights in the sky. Walker braked to watch these mysterious lights moving through the sky, wondering what they might be.

He then continued on his way, whereupon the lights formed a larger star-like object that descended and hovered ominously over the deserted road, causing Walker to brake again. As he sat there contemplating what to do, the mysterious object darted off into the night at amazing speed, remaining completely silent the entire time.

Video Of A UFO Sighting Over Bonnybridge

After that, reports of UFO sightings in the Bonnybridge area poured in like a bucket. People began to see UFOs hovering over the roads outside the village, over cars flying in the sky, and at one point it was even reported that a UFO had landed on a golf course. Suddenly, Bonnybridge gained a reputation as a UFO magnet.

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