Ask NASA Hacker Gary McKinnon Anything, He Revealed New UFO/UAP Information To Redditors

In 2000, Gary McKinnon, a British Hacker who got so fed up with the government hiding information related to UFOs and free energy that he decided to hack the most secured servers of NASA and the Pentagon. McKinnon said that he had seen real photographs of UFOs in computer files at the Johnson Space Center Building. He even took a screenshot of one of the cigar-shaped UFOs in-between space and the earth’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, it was removed from his computer after being seized.

Recently, MacKinnon shocked the UFO lovers with his “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit where he explained how he hacked into various .gov/.mil networks in America.

Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon Verification via Reddit/u/GaryMcKinnonOfficial

The post goes like this:

I was arrested in March 2002 for ‘hacking’ into various .gov/.mil networks in America, looking for evidence of UFOs and ‘free energy.’ It wasn’t a clever hack, no fragmented packets to bypass firewalls or any of the glossy crap. I had a specific intention and, like any good sysadmin (which i was at the time) I wanted a simple process that would catch basic weaknesses, sometimes network-wide, with a simple script and a little creativity. It was cracking more than hacking.

As any sysadmin knows, the laziest solution is often the best;

In my effort to find solid proof that gov/mil knew about these crafts i followed information found in a book by the Disclosure Project, run by Steven Greer. In the book, Donna Hare (who was a NASA launch photographic specialist) said that in building 8 of Johnson Space Centre there was a lab set aside, especially for ‘airbrushing out’ UFOs from high-res sat imagery.

The tool I wrote scanned for local Administrator accounts on Windows PCs that had a password of either :

(same as user name)



It was written in PERL (actually a compiled .exe so it would run on all NT machines, using PERL2EXE at the time) and scanned a class B in 8 minutes, the low-latency due to me running the scan on an already compromised machine on the same or another gov/mil network.

I found building 8 by reading the comment sections of the PCs via the command console, these fields are used for auditing and luckily NASA filled them all in, so i knew which PCs were in building 8.

There weren’t many machines in building 8 but one of the first I looked at had folders called ‘raw’ and ‘processed’, or ‘raw’ and ‘cleaned’ or ‘filtered’. The images averaged around 250MB and would have taken a long time at 5 minutes per megabyte on a 56K modem so, having remote control of the PC via a program called Remotely Anywhere I decided to view it live on the desktop, which was risky since they work odd hours at NASA!

The image was coming down very slowly via the Java-based Remotely Anywhere program so I cut the color to 4-bit (16 colors/shades) and the lowest res which was 640×480 I think, it may even have been 320×240.

The image slowly filled the screen and I could see blackness, superimposed upon which was a blue/white planet, and superimposed on that was a tubular form that was metallic white and had domes around its central circumference and at its ends. This thing had no rivets or seams and looked futuristic, though of course, with the low res and number of shades in the image detail was lacking.

This was my Eureka moment, Donna Hare’s lab was still in existence! I was waiting for this image to come down and planning on the fastest way to get all of the other images to me, and right when I was making my plans I saw the mouse cursor move to the bottom-right of the screen, right-click the network icon and choose disconnect. I’d been caught and disconnected, missing my chance to grab even a single image.

Gary Mckinnon who confirmed his identity via video verification has answered some of the most awaited questions of the UFO enthusiasts.

Question 1: After all your investigating what are your conclusions? Are govs in contact with UFOs? Have they reverse-engineered ufo tech? What are ET motives? What are government motives? In your opinion Is Steven Greer’s hypothesis right? Dolores Canons’ ideas right? Or someone else? Are there based on the moon?

Answer: Bottom line – I don’t know. All that I’m sure of is that they know they are there and that they are not Human. If you read Dolan’s ’12 documents that prove the government knows about aliens or some such title, it’s pretty plain no one knew where this tech was coming from.

Question 2: What do you think of the current (open) position of the government about the UAPs and its approach as a national security threat?

Answer: I think it’s the start of the alien false-flag psyop.

Question 3: Could you get on Nikola Tesla (free energy or zero point energy)?

Answer: That’s a big, phat LOL 🙂 Yes, apparently he was killed by the Office of Naval Intelligence for communicating with Martians and Venusians;

In all seriousness though, there is one device I replicated that is anomalous and would seem to defy the work-energy principle in physics. I did a short video on the effect back in 2012, all it does (i love the simplicity of it) is retard the counter-EMF in the standard inductor/magnet topology found in generators. If the rise-time of the counter-EMF is delayed there is no repelling on the way in or drag on the way out, so Lenz’s Law is ‘bent’. In a motor/generator like this, it runs faster and uses less power when we ask it to do work!

Question 4: Do you recall any details about the “ship to ship transfers” and “Non-terrestrial Officers”? Any ship names? During your legal ordeal did anyone indicate to you that you were being chased because of the UFO element rather than hacking in general?

Answer: No I remember none of the names, I did look a few up and none were Navy. No, as best I could learn the US mil/gov were really embarrassed and that drove them more than anything – ‘stoner hacks Pentagon’.

Question 5: Greer or Elizondo…. who do you trust more?
Answer: Greer academically and Elizondo in a bar fight

Question 6: Any interesting file names or anything extra you noticed that you saw but didn’t have time to actually open and look at?

Answer: Nope, but I did have an experience I still can’t explain, I only mentioned it once in an interview with Richard, scratch that, I did tell it on the Binnall of America podcast. I should add it to the intro post or something at the end, it’s interesting.

Question 7: Have you had any personal experiences with the phenomena? Also, what inspired you to head down the path to searching government databases?

Answer: I had a sighting when I was around 12. I decided to break the law because I thought it was immoral to be hiding the truth.

Question 8: You say up the thread ‘I think it’s the start of the alien false-flag psyop.’ So you believe in Steven Greer’s hypothesis about space Weapons and Von brown?

Answer: I believe in evidence and gov/mil will use anything to sway the populace. I believe what Carol Rosin told us about Von Braun.

Question 9: Do you think the Space Force was created for something more than the race amongst terrestrial powers?

Answer: I think that governments, the major ones at least, are all in it together. Governments are a facade, there is no left or right anymore, it’s all theatre put on to manipulate the masses into more control and less privacy.

Question 10: What names can be FOIA’d? The specific name of the file you clicked and which computer? I’m not a lawyer of course but those all would support a FOIA right?

Answer: Johnson Space Centre, building 8 is all I know. Donna Hare would have more useful info for FOIA, including the names of other employees.

Question 11: Have you ever personally witnessed a UFO/alien/something strange?

Answer: Only once, a red, glowing light that moved pretty fast from horizon to horizon, moving erratically left to right as it went on its path.

This story is in progress, further updates will be added to it.

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