3600-Year-Old Ancient Giant Hands Were Recently Discovered in Egypt

This strange discovery was made under the royal Hyksos compound in Egypt.

Manfred Bietak, who apparently led the Austrian Archaeology Institute as well as the Austrian Academy of Science teams, is to be thanked for his contribution. This was in order to reach the bottom of this entire expedition.

He heard of strange mounds near the compound, so he decided to give it a try. To his surprise, he found some very interesting finds.

16 total Giant hands weren’t buried in the mounds, and the official report states that they all date back at least 3,600 years.

Manfred was searching for Avaris, but what he found might be just as fascinating.

What this new discovery showcased is the fact that the Egyptian soldiers would often times cut off their enemy’s hands in order to practically rid them of all of their power and will to live.

We may pretend that Egyptians were sophisticated aristocrats but they were actually quite brutal about their no prisoners policy. They were violent, and this was why their empire was so big.

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