TR-3B: The “Anti-Gravity Ship Capable Of Interstellar Travel”

The TR-3B, called terrestrial UFO, more than a myth is a reality and is seen several times in the sky. Confused with triangular UFOs, this ship generates a lot of controversy.

In the year 1990, the inhabitants of New Mexico heard a roar in the sky, something unusual, and when looking up a silhouette caught a glimpse of them.

This figure was shaped like a triangle, and many think it was a UFO , but in reality it could be something much more incredible and created by humans themselves.

The TR-3B aircraft is an outgrowth of secret programs in which the United States Air Force cooperated with NASA and other companies.

These factories tested incredible aircraft with unimaginable characteristics. A proof of these projects we have in the great cover-up of the F-117 Nighthawk aircraft.

This was a stealth aircraft developed and tested in secret for over 10 years, despite multiple sightings confirming its existence.

In the end the F-117 project was discovered and declassified, and later joined that of the U2R aircraft.

We know that the TR-3B had a predecessor known as the TR-3A, nicknamed the “Black Manta,” which appears to be more of a stealth fighter than an antigravitational craft capable of flying in space.

It is itself one of the largest budget projects funded and operationally commissioned to aerospace contractors by the National Reconnaissance Office, the Office of Naval Intelligence, NSA and the CIA, involving these 4 agencies together.

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