Bizarre Skinwalker Creature Has Been Seen in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Many people are concerned about certain Facebook photos. The videos show an unidentified creature that lurks at the side of the lane.

These photos were taken in Jicarilla Reservation District.

The plot shows that a geologist who was working in an oil field nearby discovered something extraordinary.

He wanted to use it for a heat signature. The geologist abruptly resigned the next day.

It went viral and users wrote things like “seriously turning out,” “yikes and other similar phrases. Social media users called it “skinwalker!” And “I’m driving there tomorrow!”

“Skinwalker” is a Native American folktale. Tony Hillerman, a poet, breathed life into the story.

A skinwalker, according to legend, is someone who can turn into any animal and travel on fours.

Although there have been many encounters, few are able address them without fear of being targeted again.

The New Mexican posted the photos and they were removed by him. She claims she doesn’t know where the photos came from.



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