NASA Released Pics of Alien Towers From Mars and Censored Them Soon After

Recently, a series of photographs taken on Mars showed alien towers. NASA might still be aware that alien towers are present on Mars’ surface, which could indicate that they seek to suppress their existence.

Jose Luis Camacho discovered these pillars for the first time in 1999. Each one is approximately 3500-5000 feet high, according to him.

These Martian Towers, if you didn’t know it already will be twice as big as any of the most impressive structures ever built by man.

This could be because the gravity on Mars has changed and the colonists have to build higher to ensure stability.

These towers were discovered for the first time in Terra Meridiani, the region NASA first decided to move the rover.

If this isn’t updated and it’s actually evidence of alien operation, then it will be possible to discover conclusive proof that there’s alien life on Mars, and in particular NASA’s concealment.

NASA made the images disappear immediately after they were discovered. This may have been to hide the truth. This is yet another evidence to support the theory that life exists on Mars.


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