Neil Armstrong: “Their Ship Was Far Superior to Ours, It Was Huge

Neil Armstrong is the most famous astronaut of all time. He was the first man to walk on the Moon. From that moment, he was the face and voice of NASA.

We believed he was just another pawn to spread their lies because he has been fighting the claims that aliens exist on the Moon.

But he appears to have changed his mind recently, as he now claims aliens are real and much more technologically advanced then we are.

He believed that Apollo 11 crew saw an alien race right before their eyes. And if that weren’t enough to comfort you, they appeared to be technologically thousands of years ahead.

They weren’t interested in starting a war with the race as threatening them would lead to us being obliterated overnight. We decided to stop visiting the Moon.

After spotting them, he switched to their private communications which were directly connected to the higher ups.

“Their ship was far superior to ours; it was huge, and we were cautioned against approaching them,” he said at this stage.


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