Professor of the Institute of Advanced Studies claims that aliens are actually millions of years old immortal robots

If we haven’t yet encountered extraterrestrials, our initial encounter with them may be frightening.

So, if you imagine aliens to be tiny humanoids with large heads and almond-shaped eyes preoccupied with “probing” the wanderings of humans, you’re going to be disappointed, to put it mildly.

A new study is titled “Alien Minds.”

There is a potential that the first encounter with extraterrestrial career robots will be with an extraterrestrial billions of years old, says Professor Susan Schneider of the University of Connecticut and Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Studies.

It is said that a robot is too old to pant, according to a report in the Daily Galaxy. Professor Schneider is of the opinion that an alien AI already exists and will most likely exist in many billions of years. Professor Schneider thinks this to be true.

Aliens that are “post-biological,” “artificial,” or “alien superintelligence” rather than “biological,” according to Schneider, will be the most advanced civilizations.

The Earthlings, he said, “are galactic newborns.” Other civilizations may be thousands of years older than us. Dr. Schneider had the belief in a “older age of extraterrestrial civilizations”

It was reported in the Daily Galaxy.

There is “no doubt” that intelligent life on other planets has existed for at least 1.7 to 8 billion years, according to Professor Schneider.

In the future, your society may be able to tolerate more extreme and dangerous conditions because of the silicon-based life forms that you have developed, therefore ascending the machines is a good idea.

As Dr. Schneider points out, there are several advantages to being silicon-based.

Because there are no physical restrictions like the skull, it’s easier to survive space flight, and machines might hypothetically develop super intellect quicker than humans do, according to the professor.

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