Did they really find “HUGE ALIEN CITIES” on Venus?

As time goes by, more and more ufologists support the theory that NASA hides information that they have known for years, for example, this Venus, which is said to have signs of extraterrestrial life, but that the agency is hiding it, but expert ufologists who follow this issue have detected images of Venus that could lend credence to this.

Venus planet

What do these images reveal to us?

Mr. José Luis Camacho, made public and viral a video of an analysis of the photos and 3D models of the structures found on the famous planet Venus, according to his words in the video he explains the following:

According to these images, there are large cities, artificial structures and all kinds of elements that seem to obey intelligent constructions made by some kind of extraterrestrial race that inhabited or colonized the second planet of our solar system.

Possible traces of a civilization on Venus
Possible traces of a civilization on Venus

Are these images real? Where are they from?

These shocking images were captured by the Magellan probe, owned by NASA and launched in 1989, directly to Venus with the intention of taking pictures of the entire atmosphere and surface of that planet, this probe remained on the surface of Venus until 1994.

This is why followers claim that NASA is aware of the different signs of extraterrestrial life that exist on the planet Venus, but for different reasons they wanted to keep it hidden.

The controversy surrounding these images

And it is that other ufologists or students of these wonders of the universe do not share the same idea as Camacho, for example, Vadim Chernobrov who is dedicated to the study of anomalous events related to extraterrestrial life in Russia, indicates that the planet Venus is very difficult to explore and that Magellan at the time did what he could, but it’s all very blurry, literally and figuratively, and that nothing can be said until another probe is sent

Possible traces of a civilization on Venus

The same opinion is held by Leonid Ksanfomaliti, a scientist at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. “The first images taken by the Magellan spacecraft are meteorite craters that ufologists are trying to pass off as a colony. The device itself no longer exists for a long time, so paying attention to statements of this kind is stupid to say the least” .

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