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A Strange Cloud Was Spotted Over Alaska Stirring Chilling Horror To Locals

Chilling horror stirred the sleepy population of Alaska. Photos of the strange worm-shaped cloud taken by onlookers over Lazy Mountain in Alaska prompted Alaska State Police to investigate amid fears it could be a plane crash, a UFO or a top-secret Russian weapon.

On the morning of April 7, a worm-like cloud trail appeared in the sky over Lazy Mountain, which frightened the locals.

According to The Bellingham Herald, the worm-like smoke trail appeared early on April 7 over Lazy Mountain. It was seen by hundreds of people who just woke up and looked out the window or hurried to work, or drove children to school.

“People wondered if it could be a meteorite, a crashed UFO or satellite, an eruption, and even a Russian top-secret weapon,” the article says.

Photos of eyewitnesses caused a stir. The number of Alaskans who reported seeing the strange cloud has snowballed. People wrote that they were very worried about what was happening.

In social networks, many different versions arose – from a UFO to a volcanic eruption. And some people decided that it was the Russians who were “completely crazy” with the the ongoing conflict over Ukraine and fired a rocket across Alaska.

As a result, the images caused such a wide resonance that the state military and the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center launched an investigation. A helicopter with a rescue team on board was lifted into the air. Specialists flew around the Lazy Mountain area, but did not find anything suspicious.

Since it was not possible to establish the exact cause of the appearance of the cloud, the state authorities offered their theory in order to reassure local residents.

“There have been no reports of overdue aircraft or ELT activations indicative of a plane crash,” Alaska said in a statement.
According to their version, the unusual optical effect was caused by the fact that the rays of dawn were refracted in the contrail of a passenger plane flying over the mountain.

The public was not satisfied with such a vulgar explanation of the mysterious phenomenon. A storm of indignation arose in the spirit of “The authorities are hiding from us!”, “Pentagon and the White House conspiracy!”, “Reptilians are fooling us!” and more nightmarish and surreal speculations.

Such an explanation seems, at least, very far-fetched, but nothing else occurred to representatives of the leadership of the state of Alaska.

Later, state officials offered their theory to appease the locals. They referred to a large private jet, which may have left such a contrail in the sky.

“Further investigation revealed that a large commercial aircraft was flying in the area around the time the photos and videos were taken. The aircraft crew was contacted and found out that the flight was proceeding normally. The aircraft was bound for New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport, officials said. “Soldiers believe that the photographs and videos show the contrail from the aircraft, combined with the rising sun, which together created a unique atmospheric spectacle.”

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