Former US Air Force UFO Program Director Col. Robert Friend’s Claim: “I Know The Truth About All These UFOs!”

UFOs have been documented for well over 70 years, and despite media efforts to demonize those who believe in them, numerous audio and video recordings, pictures, witness stories, radar chases, and other evidence have shown that there is more to space than what the naked eye can see.

It’s true that a lot of people think that UFOs exist, but it takes time for people to realize that either aliens or extradimensional beings are responsible for them.

As more experts come forth to claim that they genuinely believe in the existence of UFOs and the live beings that pilot them, more and more people have observed these encounters over time.

Many individuals think that the government has long been aware of the existence of UFOs and has been gradually introducing it into our media in order to get us used to the idea of alien life before officially revealing it to us.

This is why documentaries on UFOs like The Phenomenon, which was directed by none other than James Fox, can be shown to audiences worldwide without inciting panic.

In this feature-length movie, a number of prominent government figures—including former senator Harry Reid, Christopher Mellon, and Robert Friend—appear to address any concerns the general public may have regarding the existence of UFOs.

Robert’s testimony is particularly interesting since he talks about his tenure between 1958 and 1962 as the previous director of the Blue Book Project. In essence, the government put together a group of experts who would focus only on looking into UFOs.

Video 1:

In order to get his tale out, Robert said he went to the New York Times to report his findings, but that not much of it was allowed to reach the general public. He was fortunate that Jacques Vallee, a talented scientist and former astronaut, also spoke up to offer as much official information as he could.

On the other side, Robert Friend passed away inexplicably soon after his interview for the movie, and no justification has been given as to why he did so so soon after going public.

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Nevertheless, he stated in his interview that he has previously dealt with UFOs while serving as the head of the Blue Book Project and that they are all of alien origin.

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