ANTARCTICA: They find SMALL HUMANOID FOSSILS 600 million years old

The investigations do not stop and even less so in Antarctica, which bears the name of forbidden continent, these researchers are always hunting and studying a new discovery. Therefore, today we will see a mysterious discovery that took place on this unknown continent.

600 million year old fossils of tiny humanoids found in Antarctica,  Anthropologists baffled | Antarctica, Fossils, Ancient mysteries

The contradictions of this discovery 

A quirky urban saying goes that life is made of coincidences; and boy yes. Making known to the world this strange species that stepped on our planet more than 600 million years ago was not what was expected.

A small expedition of reporters from  The Reporter National  had a job. Denying a newspaper that spoke of alleged alien bases, but the plan backfired. They stumbled across a group of paleontologists bringing with them a major discovery that could support the extraterrestrial base idea.

染香on Twitter: "近日,在南极洲的惠特莫尔山脉(Whitmore  mountain)的沉积岩中,古生物学家发现了骨骼残骸的化石,似乎是极小的人类。“我们对化石进行了测试,毫无疑问地确定它们至少有6亿年的历史”,剑桥大学(Cambridge  University)的玛丽(Marly)博士说,“6亿年前 ...

Second fossil discovered 

Second humanoid skeleton discovered

They found inside sedimentary rocks a very small humanoid skeleton, no bigger than 30 centimeters. They estimated its age at over 600 million years with one hundred percent certainty. The second was on another piece of stone, but this one was in better condition.

How did they discover these humanoid fossils? 

Paleontologists did not initially intend to research these fossilized skeletons. They were looking for clues in former colonies of some dinosaur species that roamed the area, but luckily (or misfortune) their plans changed.

A 600 million year old discovery

All of this might sound weird, crazy, pointless and so on, but what’s even weirder is what our world was like back then. To give you an idea and context, the first humans, or our genetic ancestors, appeared 2.5 million years ago, while the first dinosaurs 200 million years ago.

Therefore, 600 million years ago, the first species of terrestrial vertebrates did not even appear. At that time, the only non-bacterial or microscopic living things were jellyfish, which were just beginning to form. Today, the skeletons are being investigated at   the National Institute for Ancient Studies  to come to a conclusion.


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