Extraterrestrials would have built bases in Antarctica eto xperiment on humans

All these years, scientific researchers, explorers, archaeologists are fascinated by Antarctica, its perennial ice and extremely cold environment. At the same time, UFO exploration is gradually moving towards this continent. 

Antarctica is not as simple as a glacier, it is a huge pyramid hidden deep in the ice sheet, with evidence of an ancient civilization, there are some UFOs, secret bases, etc. The mystery of Antarctica is engulfed in the long river of history.

Entrance to the inner world

As Antarctica has always been covered by a thick layer of ice, the task of exploring it is extremely difficult, which also makes it full of mystery. Of course, the North Pole is the same. In fact, there has always been talk of Antarctica entering the Earth’s inner world and that there are secret underground bases for aliens there.

In 2019, a former SEAL member who claimed to have participated in secret Antarctic missions in 2003 broke the news that there was a top secret underground base in Antarctica.

The covert operation involved at the time was to protect a group of scientists from entering a secret underground structure near Beardmore Glacier. It is determined by detection technology that it is an octagonal construction, only a small part is exposed and most of the rest is buried deep within the glacier. They first found the base gate by digging 15 meters underground with equipment. There were some hieroglyphs on the gate that they hadn’t seen before.

The walls of this building must be 6 to 10 meters thick, and the walls and ground are extremely smooth, similar to black basalt material. The temperature inside is extremely comfortable, around 20 to 22 degrees Celsius, although it is below minus 40 degrees, combined with very bad weather. 

According to the complainant, this building was actually discovered and its location recorded already in the 1950s and 1960s, but people did not find a way to enter. However, although they entered, they only took samples and photographs on this floor, and did not penetrate deep into the ground because they found no passage or gate to the underground.

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As the whistleblower said, this  underground base  must belong to a very ancient civilization, this can be concluded from the flatness of the walls and floor and the hieroglyphs on the gate. If it had not existed since ancient times, there would be no way for it to be sealed in and under the polar ice cap.

A very small part is now exposed because of the melting of the ice sheet due to climate warming. Furthermore, the whistleblower also revealed an incredible secret. One of your group of people on the science team is a hybrid of alien and human races, and this secret base sealed under the ice sheet is not a product of human civilization. It’s a base built on Earth by aliens.

As for when and why this base was built, another whistleblower who was also part of this secret mission has provided the answer. He entered the secret base at different times than the previous person who broke the news and went deeper into the base and saw an amazing scene in action. Advertising. Scroll to continue reading.

There, he saw several dead bodies of a certain alien race and human hybrids, and he was told that these dead bodies were specimens of a human genetic experiment conducted by a certain alien race on Earth at that time. The civilization of this alien race has far surpassed humans by tens of  thousands of years  , and one of the purposes of building this base is to conduct genetic experiments on humans.

If everything this whistleblower has said is true, then we have to re-examine Earth’s history. Perhaps in its long time, many unknown things have happened. Some time ago, Russia disclosed in a secret document that an  alien base was discovered in Antarctica  . This is a highly advanced construction, beyond the reach of modern civilization.

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