Gigantic 3,000-Mile-Wide UFO Gliding Over Earth Was Recorded by International Space Station

This 3,000 miles wide UFO has been discovered by NASA themselves all the way back in 2013. They’ve first brought it up at the Brasilia Planetarium Presentation back in 2013, but ever since they’ve made this discovery public people have been theorizing about it.

Nobody knows for sure what they want or why they were gliding over Earth, but what we do know is that they’re definitely not a race of creatures that we can mess with.

Since it was flying over us in secret it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that it is most likely an enemy of some sort, trying to spy on us to see if we’re a worthwhile opponent or not.

Could it be a mother ship of some sort? Scientists believe so. Its sheer size is enough to scare off any attackers, that’s for sure. Now, we cannot even imagine a race of creature that would use this as a simple ship, they’d either have to be huge or they’d have to be extremely numerous in the first place. Some believe it to be connected with the famous Oumuamua. What do you think about this incredible discovery though?


2 thoughts on “Gigantic 3,000-Mile-Wide UFO Gliding Over Earth Was Recorded by International Space Station

  1. How in the world can such a huge vehicle park itself over a huge amount of real estate and go unnoticed by the public? It is ‘un-possible”. Then not a thing appears in the major media. (ABC, CBS, etc). That photograph, if it really is a photograph and not CGI, just by visual reckoning, appears much further from the planet than the Space Station.
    As a believer in the idea of Extra-Terrestrial life, this presentation does not seem credible and detracts from the real, genuine effort to establish the presence of ET’s and make contact.

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