36 Civilizations May Be Trying To Contact Earth, But We’re Not Prepared

A study on ufology revealed that 36 civilizations may be trying to make contact with Earth, but we are not prepared for that.
As many as 36 alien civilizations could be beaming radio signals across the Milky Way in an attempt to make contact, a new study has revealed.
While there is no evidence of aliens, a new study has revealed that many advanced aliens may be sending communication signals across the cosmos.

The University of Nottingham research is based on the probability that intelligent life evolves on other planets, based on our own evolution. According to the study, intelligent life capable of emitting signals would evolve at an average distance of 17,000 light-years from one another.

That would mean there could be as many as 36 advanced civilizations in the Milky Way.
However, experts from the University of Nottingham believe that the Earth and its population are not yet technologically advanced enough to receive these signals, according to the study published in The Astronomical Journal.
Professor Christopher Conselice, an astrophysicist from Nottingham explained: ‘I think it’s hugely important and exciting because for the first time we actually have an estimate of this number of intelligent, communicating active civilizations that we could potentially contact and discover that there is other life in the universe – something that has been a question for thousands of years and still has no answer.

There must be at least a few dozen active civilizations in our galaxy under the assumption that it takes five billion years for intelligent life to form on other planets like Earth. The idea is to look at evolution, but on a cosmic scale. We call this calculation the Copernican Astrobiological Limit.

The Copernican Astrobiological Limit has two assumptions based on what is known about intelligent civilizations on Earth.
One is that the planet must be in its star’s habitable zone the zone where it is neither too far nor too close to the star.

The other is that the planet would have to be between 4.5 and 5.5 billion years old much like the Earth. The research is also based on the Drake Equation
In 1961 the scientist Frank Drake developed an equation that described the variables and possibilities of an alien civilization in the universe.

It took into account factors such as the rate of star formation adequate for life to develop on surrounding planets and the number of planets per solar system.

While there is no single solution to the equation it is widely believed to mean that the chances of finding life there are likely or possible.
One possible solution to the equation is that extraterrestrial life has existed and has since become extinct. Another solution is that Earth is the only place where life has evolved in the Universe.

Professor Conselice said: ‘The Drake equation estimates range from zero to a few billion civilizations – it’s more like a tool for thinking through issues than something that has actually been resolved.

We basically assumed that  intelligent life  would form on other Earth-like planets as it did on Earth, so in a few billion years life would automatically form as a natural part of evolution.”

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