Proof of Underwater UFO Bases Distributed Around the World!!

In a video uploaded to YouTube an expert in research with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Preston Dennett, presents evidence that supposedly proves that there are underwater UFO bases distributed around the world. 
The documentary however pays special attention to an allegedly massive underwater UFO base off the coast of Southern California.
Dennett a MUFON Certified Field Investigator presents details of the location of the alleged underwater UFO base and photographic evidence of its existence off the coast of Malibu, California.

Dennett’s fieldwork spanning three decades makes him an expert on a special category of UFOs called Unidentified Submerged Objects (USO). He is widely recognized as an authority in this field, having published articles in Destiny Magazine, Atlantis Rising, Mysteries Magazine, UFO Magazine, and MUFON’s UFO Magazine.

He has also appeared on several radio and TV shows, including a documentary on the History Channel that focused on USO and has given numerous talks across the country.
Preston Dennett

His interest in UFOs and related paranormal phenomena dates back to 1986 when some close relatives, friends and co-workers in California reported strange encounters that no one could explain. He started interviewing people and was shocked to discover that hundreds of people in his locality had also experienced UFO sightings and related strange paranormal phenomena.

After several media appearances he began to receive reports from witnesses who had previously never spoken about their experiences. Massive feedback from readers and viewers led him to conduct even more extensive investigations. And after interviewing hundreds of new witnesses and accumulating a impressive mass of evidence he realized that the California South Coast was arguably the most active area in the world for submarine UFO or USO activity.

Evidence from further investigation finally forced Dennett to conclude that there was a large mass underwater UFO or USO base, around California’s Santa Catalina Channel. It presents documented evidence, including witness testimonies and photos.

It also presents evidence of the government’s cover-up of information about the underwater UFO base.
After he began to investigate UFOs in 1986, he found several witnesses who reported seeing UFOs flying out to sea and some flying to the shore of the sea. A disproportionate number of the reports came from the coast of California, from Santa Barbara on California’s Central Coast to Long Beach in Los Angeles County, Southern California. Since the 1940s, the region has acquired a reputation as the region with the most UFO sightings, with hundreds of reported sightings of UFOs flying over the ocean and USOs going underwater.

He also read reports from previous researchers and was surprised to learn that previous researchers had reported similar cases with one researcher noting that coastal Southern California and Santa Catalina Island recorded the highest frequency of sightings since the 1940s.
Other researchers have noted that sightings were so common along the Southern California coast that in the 1960’s, entire families would go down to the beach to see UFOs and often they weren’t disappointed.
An unidentified underwater object (USO) [Image via Shutterstock]
In the 1970s, tourists would visit Point Dume beach at night to see multi-colored UFOs taking off and landing in the water.
A MUFON investigator noted that USOs were frequently sighted in and out of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and San Pedro Channel.
The frequency of sightings suggested that there was either a single massive UFO base or several smaller bases in waters off the coast of Southern California, specifically in the Santa Catalina Channel. The UFO researcher also suggested that the government was aware of this but was covering up the information for fear of the potential social and political impact.
In the video uploaded to YouTube by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on April 3, 2016, Dennett presents the evidence supporting his conclusions and the government cover-up evidence.
Claims that there is a huge underwater UFO base off the coast of California, the so-called “Malibu anomaly” about six miles off the coast of Point Dume at Google Earth coordinates 34°1’23.31″N 118°59′ 45.64″ W , have been around for several years.
The underwater anomaly off the coast of California, thought to be an extraterrestrial UFO base, consists of a mysterious flat-topped structure (see YouTube below) supported by columns and pillars, believed to be the entrance to the underground UFO base or USO.

According to Dennett, the June 14, 1992, sightings in Topanga Canyon, California, during which hundreds of independent witnesses reported seeing hundreds of mysterious UFO objects in the Santa Monica Mountains, appear to have triggered a massive wave of new reports that included sightings of strange flying metallic objects, mysterious lights, OSU, abductions and reports of encounters with alien beings.

On one particularly busy day over 200 craft were seen in one night.

The sightings involved a wide range of people, including beachgoers, surfers, fishermen, sailors and military personnel. Many have reported sighting squadrons of cigar-shaped UFOs, orbs and saucer-shaped UFOs performing complex maneuvers in broad daylight.

One case involved a crowd in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles County who reported seeing a large glowing UFO that landed in the water. And in the presence of the crowd, including a night watchman, lifeguards, and the police, he sank into the water beneath the waves.

Other fishermen cases involved sailors and Navy personnel who reported that their boats were hitting or nearly hit by mysterious USOs first mistaken for Russian submarines. But the subsequent detailed description of the attacking objects raised doubts. Witnesses often noticed the objects moved at very high speed and lacked a wake and sound.

“The high speed, the lack of wake and sound and the enormous swell make this object suspicious.”

Some witnesses have reported seeing extraterrestrials. One witness described the aliens as “strange-looking men” coming out of UFOs. They had yellowish-green skin, wore black leather pants, white belts, and light colored shirts.

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