WT1190F (UFO) Coming Towards Earth, Encounter Place at an Alien Water Base?

UFO sightings have been reported from various parts of Sri Lanka over the years. Hundreds of people have seen UFOs over Sri Lanka according to Professor Chandana Jayaratne of the University of Colombo who has investigated some UFO cases. Some predict that extraterrestrials could be looking for the technology that was used to build sacred buildings or it could be an attempt to locate the “Vishva Yathura” ( Key to the Universe )!
Underwater UFO base off the south coast of Sri Lanka – Portal?
In 1990 a UFO flies out of the ocean 210 miles south of Matara.
A saucer-shaped UFO stunned the crew of a tanker when it exploded out of the ocean and circled their ship for a terrifying fifteen minutes before disappearing without a trace back into the sea! According to Sri Lankan newspaper reports, the incident took place in broad daylight in late March, 210 miles south of Matara, Sri Lanka, in the Indian Ocean. No one was injured, but the 175 ft Kim Seng tanker suffered severe structural damage from the roaring waves that were ejected as the UFO rose to the outside and then returned to the water, media reports said. “It was huge – at least five times the size of our ship,” Rasika Mawatha, the 47-year-old captain of the Kim Seng, told reporters. All of the ship’s instruments got confused and the compass needle kept turning around and around. I couldn’t even use the radio to call for help,” he said.” The probe glowed and pulsed with a silvery light and another mysterious beam of light shone from the bottom of the ship. It seemed as if whoever was on the vessel were scanning our ship, but for what, I don’t know. “”One minute it was there and the next day it had disappeared back into the sea in a blinding flash of light” said Mawatha. “Immediately after the UFO disappeared, the ship’s instruments started working again as if nothing had happened.” I I radioed the authorities about what had happened and they sent planes and ships to scan the area, 
This photograph was taken by a Royal Air Force officer while on holiday in Sri Lanka in March 2004. It is one of two photographs taken of what is being called an ‘unusual atmospheric occurrence’. It was only released via Britain’s UFO Files release of early 2011🇧🇷 It’s not a typical object by any means, yet it’s there, and certainly unidentified. The pilot claims he heard a rumble of thunder, followed by the appearance of this unusual light. He says that the object did not rise, but headed towards the earth. The geographic position of this occurrence is interesting for Sri Lanka is known by some as a hot spot for UFO sightings, as well as a number of other natural phenomena. Could it be that the pilot that day spotted a portal to another dimension, revealed by this captured energy blast? The photographs were presented to the Ministry of Defense through RAF Fylingdales, which is a Ballistic Missile Alert station in England. Portal – UFO underwater base off the coast of Sri Lanka? With all these strange UFO sightings one might wonder if there is an underwater UFO base or portal near Sri Lanka. With the latest news that an artificial object, named WT 1190F, discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey WT1190F is predicted to impact Earth about 60-100 km off the south coast of Sri Lanka on November 13, 2015 we check the impact area supposedly on Google Earth and found a strange natural looking rock structure or formation in the ocean that appears to be a portal or entrance leading to an underwater base. 
( Google Earth coordinates: 6°10’55.73″N 81°28’52.69″E ).
Review this UFOS ONLINE post below:
CONFIRMED: Object WT 1190 F on Collision Course with Earth and will crash south of Sri-Lanka
Right after the article about the Asteroid of 300 to 600 meters that will pass close to the Earth, we received another piece of news: Official information from the ESA ( European Space Agency ) and the Nature Magazine .
Such a mysterious object is on a collision course with Planet Earth, calculations, experiments and observations prove that it will fall on November 13, 2015 somewhere in the Indian Ocean. WT1190F is a rare type of body, not because it could be space junk, but because its orbit is somewhat unusual.

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