UFO Stops Traffic at Major Airport in China Again

There don’t seem to be any official records of a UFO disrupting major airport traffic in the US and China, on the other hand it has happened three times in five years. Are Chinese air traffic controllers more respectful about UFOs in the airspace… or more timid?
The most recent example of a Chinese airport closure because of a UFO sighting appears to have happened last week or over the weekend. A video of a news report showing the UFO that was posted on August 29, 2015.

There’s no indication that it’s at the airport (at least for non-Chinese speakers). At the beginning, it shows a round object passing over the airport. The object appears to change shape and become elongated into a cigar shape. The video shows military personnel apparently watching the UFO but no one appears to be mobilizing or panicking. Could it be because they’ve been through this before?
On July 7, 2010, a UFO was seen at Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China, at 8:40 pm by the crew of a plane preparing to land. The crew notified air traffic control and the airport was immediately shut down. All outbound flights were canceled and 18 inbound flights were diverted to Ningbo and Wuxi airports.

UFO Shuts Down Xiaoshan Airport in China
Normal operations resumed somewhere between one and four hours later, but passengers and local residents alike were left in the dark as to what the UFO could be. 
Speculation has ranged from a US missile to a Russian satellite to a secret Chinese military plane to a meteor. Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) officials told media that the incident was “under investigation”, but no record of any formal explanation is readily available. There doesn’t seem to be any information from the Shanghai UFO Investigative Research Center either. Why not?
Perhaps they were tipped off by another UFO shutting down an airport, this time on October 6, 2010, in Inner Mongolia. The report mentions the previous sighting and says it was a military test, but does not give details or any information about it.

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