World UFO Day, July 2 – Believe us “We are not alone in the universe”

    “Believe me, we are not alone in the universe” Here’s where to look for extraterrestrials

The odds of anything coming from Mars might be a million to one, but the odds aren’t so slim for the rest of the universe. On World UFO Day, July 2, here are the best places to spot extraterrestrials (or, at the very least, pick up an alien keychain).

Roswell, USA

The best-known site associated with extraterrestrial life is Roswell, New Mexico: In 1947, a US Army Air Forces balloon crashed on a nearby farm, which the US military claimed was a conventional weather balloon. Others are convinced it was all a cover-up of a real UFO crashing to Earth.

It’s been associated with aliens ever since, and visitors can enjoy Roswell’s UFO Museum (where they’re encouraged to question everything); joining a Roswell UFO Tour with local researcher Dennis Balthaser, which takes in 20 sites related to the crash, starting at $25 per person; and souvenir shops in Alien Zones, which has all the sci-fi shit you could want.

This July 4th weekend – or Independence Day – Roswell also hosts its annual UFO Festival, with costume competitions, talks and book signings.

Area 51, USA

The US Air Force facility, commonly known as Area 51 in Nevada, has been a hotbed for conspiracy theorists, who believe that the highly classified base is actually a research facility for crashing UFOs and/or forms of alien life. Daily tours from Las Vegas take guests via SUV on a 10-hour exploration of the area, stopping at attractions including a “mysterious” dry bed where UFOs have been seen, the Little A’le’Inn store and restaurant, and the box black mail that marks the entrance to Area 51 ($205 per person, including meals and beverages).

                     The UFO Museum and Research Roswell International Center (Getty Images)

Wycliffe Well, Australia
Wycliffe Well, located in Northern Territory, Australia, is the self-proclaimed UFO capital of Australia. And for good reason: sightings are “guaranteed” every few days. Wycliffe Well Holiday Park, which has a range of accommodation options from £8 for campers, is pretty much the only place to stay. It doesn’t miss out on extraterrestrial marketing opportunities, with plenty of life-size alien models scattered around, plus a “UFO loading pad”. The general store also stocks an array of alien memorabilia, while the walls are covered in newspaper clippings of UFO sightings.

                                        Wycliffe Well in Australia (Pavel Špindler )

Warminster, on the edge of Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire County, England, has been a supposed cradle of extraterrestrial activity since the 17th century. Cley Hill, a 240-meter Iron Age fort, has become an unofficial UFO observatory where observers flock, hoping for a glimpse of the pulsating lights that have characterized many past sightings. For those lucky enough to see one, Warminster has its own National UFO Whistleblowing Centre.


The South American nation is said to have had the highest number of UFO sightings, thanks to its clear skies and high ridges and plateaus. In 2008, the Chilean tourist board launched an official UFO trail in San Clemente, in the Maule region, to take advantage of the hundreds of sightings. Spanning 19 miles across the Andes, top attractions include mineral-rich Lake Colbun and El Enladrillado, a large flat area created by 200 volcanic blocks that some believe is an alien landing pad.

                          The extraterrestrial road near Area 51 in Nevada (Getty Images)

Astronomical Tourism also offers horseback riding through the Andes, accompanied by a trained guide. Enthusiasts can study the night skies through a powerful telescope or visit the Cerro Tololo observatory at night.

M-Triangle, Russia

The M-Triangle, a remote area near the Ural Mountains and 600 miles east of Moscow, is considered Russia’s answer to Area 51. Locals have reported seeing a whole range of phenomena over the last hundred years, including floating lights, translucent. and strange symbols written in the sky. There have even been bizarre rumors that people who have visited the area develop enhanced intelligence or superhuman powers.

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