Russia Warns That a War With Extraterrestrials Has Started in The Arctic

The belief in life outside our planet is one of the biggest mysteries of our civilization. Even though there are many pieces of evidence that may confirm the existence of extraterrestrial races, there are still many who still do not believe that there are other worlds far more advanced than our own.

Back in 1989, the former Soviet Union chose 20 people from a total of 30000 to try to advance in the study related to extra-terrestrial beings. These people could find those aliens from other worlds using other skills previously unknown.



Now, The Kremlin suggests that the US, as well as the entire world, may have some important things to worry about, and that is related to the downing of the United States Air Force due to an interdimensional device – UFO – within the Arctic Circle in 2020.

This UFO entered the atmosphere in Siberia, and then it began to cross the entire globe. It floated in the sky over the Philippines only afterward to go toward the Arctic Circle where it kept hidden in the Greenland Sea with enough force to cause an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8.

What do you think this means? Maybe a possible alien invasion or a confrontation between the world’s elite and extra-terrestrials?

Have a look at the following video for more information.


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