“A strange message for humanity came from the year 8,100”

At the end of the year 1980, on the eve of Christmas, inexplicable lights make their appearance in the skies of the Rendlesham forest area, Suffolk, England. The events take place on the outskirts of RAF Woodbridge, used at that time by the United States Air Force (USAF, for its acronym in English).

Many people, perhaps dozens, belonging to the USAF witnessed these strange events for two or three days.

This particularity is what precisely reinforces the credibility of this incident, since there were many witnesses who attested to what happened, and not only civilian witnesses, but also military witnesses.

The scene of the events: Rendlesham Forest

Rendlesham Forest or the Rendlesham forest, in Spanish, is owned by the Forestry Commission and comprises about 5.8 square miles of land, it is located in Suffolk County, approximately 8 miles (or 13 km) east of the city of Ipswich.

At that time, in the area to the north of the forest there were two military bases, which were being occupied by the United States Air Force (curious case).

Threat to national security?: The government said no, but that was not a covert yes

The Ministry of Defense of that country denied the possibility that these events could become a threat to national security.

However, some time later abundant and important evidence was found indicating that indeed the Ministry of Defense was very interested in investigating these facts and went further than we all expected.

Strange events take place in Rendlesham Forest

On December 26, around 3 in the morning, some strange lights were reported by a security patrol near the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge (Royal Air Force Station Woodbridge).

Those present initially thought that those reported lights were a downed plane; However, some of them, after entering the forest to investigate, saw lights moving through the trees and were also able to appreciate the light emitted by a larger object which was identified as a UFO.

A soldier comes across a strange ship: the delivery of the message

One of the soldiers present that night in the forest, named James W. Penniston, meets a ship of unknown origin – as he narrates it -; the ship was on the surface and in a state of rest, so Sergeant Penniston did not hesitate to approach it.

Minutes later, when Penniston was already next to the ship, he decided to touch it. Penniston was able to feel a warm sensation after making contact with the object, and also managed to spot a series of symbols, which he managed to write on his body, according to what he narrated.

Some time later, Penniston would realize that this was not all that happened, and he would also find a message planted in his mind.

The ship supposedly ascended after this brief encounter, and then Penniston was able to appreciate the triangular landing gear that the object had and that left three impressions on the ground, which remained visible until the next day.

Some time later, already in the year 1984, Penniston underwent a hypnotic regression, and among what he could remember, he stated that the ship he encountered had come from the future, and that it was occupied by time travelers, and not by extraterrestrials. as many presumed.

It should be noted that this incident does not appear in the copies of the sergeant’s reports, reports that are presumed to have been delivered to his superiors.

The next day…they try to cover up the evidence

Early on the morning of December 26, the local police were called to the scene of the supposed encounter between Penniston and the unknown craft, finding the same tracks that the sergeant claimed had been produced by the triangular landing gear of the craft.

The police communicate that these marks could have been caused by an animal. People in the area also claimed that their barnyard animals behaved strangely that night.

Some airmen from the air base, on the other hand, claimed to have seen a conical metallic object, which was suspended in a yellow mist, above the trees and with a pulsating blue circle.

The alleged object seemed aware of the presence of the planes and moved away from them – the aviators narrated – so they decided to follow it and hunt it down. The aviators narrate having felt stunned when approaching the object.

It is presumed that these people were interrogated, threatened and forced to sign documents where they swore to remain silent.

Some even said they had been forced to sign a document stating that the UFO was a lighthouse. Other reports clarify that the military were forced to remain calm under the warning: “bullets are cheap.”

However, in 2008, Lieutenant Colonel Halt stated in an interview with the CNN news channel that until that day it had not been possible to declassify information about the incident.

James W. Penniston who witnessed the events of the day after Christmas in 1980, an event that he says changed his life.

Penniston with a solid career in the United States Air Force of North America, first joining in 1973 at the age of 18, after basic training he was recruited into the Elite Guard Strategic Air Command (SAC).

In 1980, he was assigned to the Tactical Fighter Wing and Security Police Squad at Bentwaters Air Force Base.

It was there that he had his strange encounter. During his career, he was awarded 27 military honors, in addition to becoming the recipient of a letter of appreciation from the President. He retired in 1993.

The event he witnessed is widely known as the Rendlesham Affair. After approximately thirty years, Penniston spoke to an audience of around 300 people in “Return to Rendlesham Forest”, and revealed that there was some information that had never been published before.

When Penniston touched the unknown ship thirty years before, he had a kind of telepathic jolt directly into his mind. Images of ones and zeros, images in his mind, that didn’t disappear until he wrote them later at his house on a notepad she was carrying at the time.

It was some kind of binary code. Experts believe that there is no more universal language or easier to understand than mathematics (among beings that speak different languages) and therefore it would be likely that if an extraterrestrial civilization tried to communicate with humanity they could use numbers.

Penniston never revealed this information, however he comments that after the incident he did not stop having dreams about it and above all, about the message he had received in binary code.

He never gave himself the task of trying to crack it due to his limited knowledge of it, so in October 2010 he entrusted 6 pages of his handwritten ones and zeros to a computer programmer in the hope that this could be translated into a meaningful sentence.

This is an image of Penniston’s notepad where he would write down the received binary message:

The programmer transcribed all the binary code to his computer and after performing a simple conversion he obtained the following:


The message also contains some coordinates that correspond to an ancient island, today already submerged, the island is called HY Brazil, which, according to ancient Celtic legends, was the home of a civilization thousands of years ahead of its time.

Looking in google maps for the coordinates indicated in the message, we find this location:

Many times in the shallow seabed you can see remains or elevations that could make us think that an ancient island was present there many centuries ago; however, in this case no evidence of this can be found.

A slightly crazy idea, but one that we consider very possible is: “Why think that an island existed in that location?

We could open our minds a bit and make room for the idea that a floating mother ship or an alien base could be positioned at those coordinates; and that it simply did not sink, but rose…” What do you think?

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