Light around Miami Airport

At the beginning of September 2015, everything seemed normal at dawn until the residents and those around them saw a gigantic blue light shaped in the sky, which attracted everyone’s attention. Several people filmed the video which was then shared by thousands of people on the social network.

UFO - rocket - Miami - I'm in Cosmos


Below one we have a video made by a resident.

At the beginning of the month many people were quite excited about this new manifestation of the unknown but… it seems that this UFO is actually an identified flying object , a rocket. Atlas V MUOS, a military communication satellite launched by the US Navy, at Cape Canaveral, about 340 km from Miami. If you want to see the video of the entire preparation and launch of Atlas V, click here.

Contrary to many people who believed that it was an authentic UFO, this clarification came like a bucket of cold water.

However, many do not believe that it was a satellite , due to the beam of blue light with white, and the almost cinematic effects that it presents.
Atlas V - I'm in the Cosmos

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