Nikola Tesla: And His Contacts With Extraterrestrials Video

N Tesla in recent decades his name has been associated with conspiracies and intrigues, almost mystical. Now, within the peculiar world of the inventor. Could it be that his vast knowledge came from contacts with extraterrestrials?

A declassified FBI document already mentioned several meetings between N Tesla and aliens

 Who was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was an admirable scientist who invented and developed ideas that were out of his time, but he had that hallucinatory addition to aliens that made him one of the greatest eccentric geniuses humanity has ever had. The most intriguing thing about this genius was his embodied in his notebook, where he highlighted aliens as the true source of his experiments and his knowledge.  

Contact with Extraterrestrials

In one of his notebooks N Tesla mentioned possible mystical hallucinations with extraterrestrial life dated 6 days before his death. In it he recounts that Tesla was abducted by aliens and that precisely in that episode he had the idea of ​​what would later become the electric light bulb. He adds that given such a mysterious event he left among the papers of his then employer. Thomas Edison, his sketches and ideas on the crucial invention, since he did not know how to justify the course that had led him to it.



History tells us that he then tried to remedy this fortuitous event, but it was too late and thus began what was called the  “Battle of the currents.”  In it he fought judicially and scientifically with Edison for the ownership of his invention and for the commercialization of his development, unfortunately oblivion has won N Tesla leaving  Thomas Edison  as the legitimate winner.

Helped by Aliens

A declassified FBI document already mentioned several meetings between N Tesla and aliens

N Tesla also reported that during the visit of the extraterrestrial beings he was subjected to electric shocks of varying intensity. While he suffered, the aliens touched him. At that moment, they gave off a light from their oval heads that varied in intensity according to the power of the electrical discharges they supplied, which demonstrated the origin of his most important discovery. The scientist relates that the development of this idea would have taken him many years.

According to N Tesla Edison had the knowledge but not the necessary imagination to invent the eventually called electric light bulb. The drawings that he himself developed had as their source that encounter with the beings with illuminated heads.

Elsewhere the scientist describes how he miraculously survived a trip in a flying object where he was abducted by aliens. He describes how, when he reached the ionosphere, he saw that the object in which he was flying attracted energy from outside to the device. He seemed to see others doing the same; but while they were lost in space, moving away, they returned to Earth.

Tesla then writes that all the work he did later on sources and transmitters of electricity was inspired by this tour he had with the aliens.

All this is a great mystery, there is no doubt that N Tesla’s inventions revolutionized the world

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