Karen Hudes, World Bank executive: “we are being controlled by incredible beings”

Today it is common to hear people say that the world is controlled by extraterrestrial beings. But it is in cases like this that we really start to wonder if there really is something far beyond our comprehension. This woman, who gives the statements, is a former World Bank executive who does not flinch when giving the information.


Aliens controlling the world

It is widely discussed in conspiracy circles that these beings have complete control of the highest organizations on the planet. For this to be revealed as something true, beyond assumptions, would mean a radical change in our way of life.  If not in this, perhaps yes in how we perceive reality and the world around us.

Karen Hudes worked for many years at the World Bank. Currently, she has given strong statements regarding the institution, even though she lasted more than 20 years, being faithful to this system. The dismissal of her, according to her, was for trying to denounce the massive and enormous corruption that is installed in the highest places of the Bank and the world economy.

Karen Hudes is not just any person

He studied Law at Yale University and also graduated in Economics at the University of Amsterdam. In addition, he worked for five years at the Export Import Bank of the United States.

His resume stands out, and it is for this reason that we should not dismiss the information he has revealed. Once she was fired from her, and after a while, she no longer hesitated to break this news to the media. But she still makes us wonder how true she is.

Are we being controlled by extraterrestrial beings? Don’t we have control of our lives and our destinies?

His statements are compelling

Within the information that he reveals to the media, he says that the banking corporation is being controlled by an entity called “black potato” and that this is not human.  He also affirms that there is another species on the planet that is superior to humans. Which has great technological advances and a coefficient much higher than the average human.

She claims that these creatures have controlled the human race since long before the Ice Age. This would go a long way to explain many archaeological finds, as well as some Egyptian hieroglyphic images.

Beyond financial organizations, she fears that they have been able to control each of the means of consumption that we have within reach. What represents great concerns for each one of the human beings. Could it be that this can greatly change our way of perceiving reality or perhaps it is all a plan formed for a new experiment that these beings hope to carry out?

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