Kevin Thomas: UFO in the Shape of a Black Triangle Emerged from the Sea Before Flying into Space

Following the disclosure of the 2004 USS Nimitz UFO “Tic Tac” case several US Navy officials have come forward to share their first-hand accounts of the sighting with the world. However there is a report of a Tic Tac UFO that happened a decade earlier which was witnessed by a Navy crew member aboard the USS Nimitz.

Quest TV has tracked down the mysterious crew member, identified as Kevin Thomas who lives in Bonham, Texas. Finding Thomas was a challenge for the Quest TV team as the man had no online presence and left no contact information. When the crew arrived at his door he was shocked. However, he was impressed at first hand and subsequently agreed to tell about his sighting.




Kevin Thomas was the Production Petty Officer in the Photo Lab aboard the USS Nimitz. He ran the photo lab downstairs for enlisted personnel. He described his encounter with a huge  “triangular and black” UFO  that emerged from the sea before taking off and disappearing into thin air.

During a routine training mission in the Pacific, two Navy pilots captured footage of the Tic-Tac UFO in 2004. The US Navy made it official that it was a UAP, an unidentified aerial phenomenon. 

The mystery has deepened over time as the Pentagon has refused to answer questions about the possibility of underwater UFOs. However the US government has taken an active interest in sightings of underwater UFOs or UFOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) by establishing an office focused on investigating them.

In an interview with Quest TV, US Nimitz crew member Kevin Thomas described one of the ship’s missions in 1991, more than a decade before the famous encounter. He explained that he used to go out on deck to watch the sunset after his shift was over to relax. But on the day of their meeting it was already dark and the ship went to  “ship dark” .

“Dark Ship”, a defensive maneuver where all lights are turned off and the entire crew is locked inside the ship to camouflage the ship from enemy attack. The crew was not told whether the order to go to the darkened ship was a simulation or an actual threat.

“When I went to open the bulkhead it was closed so I figured it wasn’t a big deal I would just get out here so I found my way to the starboard side of the ship and looked around the corner. There was something out of the water. It looked like a huge black triangle.”

Mr. Thomas estimated it to be bigger than the Nimitz. “It looked like a huge black triangle. I would estimate it was bigger than the Nimitz and about 200 meters away ,” explained Thomas. According to him the size of the black triangle would be more than 1,092 feet (or 333 meters). The object was elevated, static, then rose about 30 or 40 feet and finally disappeared without emitting any kind of turbine or cleaning sound.

He further explained that the next day he was visited by two men in civilian uniform who began to interrogate him. He automatically sensed that he was in trouble that he had seen something he shouldn’t have seen. Thomas said he didn’t understand anything that happened until years after the Tic-Tac UFO footage was released.

The Nimitz crew assured that there is a certain similarity between the two events. The two have the same motion at supersonic speeds, exceeding Mach 15 and Mach 20. Kevin Thomas’ testimony came to light when the Pentagon reported that it had a clear photo of a black triangular UFO rising out of the water. However, the existence of the photo has never been officially confirmed, although many claim that it exists.

Since the 1970s the US Navy has been dealing with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), or UFOs. After the leaked UFO footage that was allegedly taken by the crew of the USS Trepang SSN 674 in March 1971, the existence of unidentified underwater objects (USOs) became a serious threat. 

A similar incident happened to the crew of the Soviet submarine. This undated account explains the Russian submarine’s encounter with the formation of six alien craft in the South Pacific Ocean.

There are many hidden stories of US military personnel that could not be revealed due to peer pressure of its aftermath. The USS Nimitz UFO incident has encouraged others to speak out about their encounter with underwater UFOs. One of these incredible USO accounts was also shared by former gunner’s mate John Baughman, who served in the US Navy from 2008 to 2013. 

Captain Kent D. Whalen and John Baughman, 2011

Baughman was stationed on the US Navy’s third Nimitz-class super aircraft carrier “The USS Carl Vinson” in 2010. The super aircraft carrier was deployed on the mission, providing aid to Haiti which was devastated after the earthquake.

One day, while working on the flight deck, Baughman took a short break and was enjoying marine life, which he enjoyed doing often. He is said to have seen all kinds of marine life, floating under and on the surface of the water. He saw “everything from sharks, dolphins and whales to giant squid, sea turtles and swordfish”.

Baughman developed the ability to identify the nature of things in the depths of the water by examining the “water line on the side of the ship”. That day, something surprised him underwater off the coast of Haiti. He claimed to have seen a “Tic Tac” object.

He said: “I was looking down at the water from above when a large, flat, white ‘Tic Tac’ object, approximately six meters long, suddenly appeared in my view below me, moving towards the right and shooting into the depths as quickly as it appeared. I really couldn’t understand what I saw. It was definitely a solid object, but when it descended, its front end quickly collapsed and disappeared.”

In September 2019, the Navy finally admitted the authenticity of the videos made in 2004. They show three fighter jet encounters with UFOs. This incident became one of the most controversial sightings of all time and was even discussed in Congress, but without explanation. Some experts suggest that these videos were leaked to prepare humanity for a “fake alien invasion”. The truth is that this remains an unanswered riddle. Source 

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