Ancient Manuscript Reveals Humans Possess Supernatural Powers

The divine matrix is ​​a kind of electrical network or rather a kind of quantum mesh that connects our entire universe, and is in turn made up of a network of many of these filaments (synapses). They are also present in our brain. Ancient Manuscript Reveals Humans Possess Supernatural Powers

We have always heard about the power we possess, mainly through the Bible. The same that through his writing puts knowledge of man. Since, this power is part of the human being, which we have since we were created. However, many believe that this power has been hidden from us by Catholicism, Christianity, and the occult. But a recent discovery in the Qumran scrolls of the Dead Sea seems to reveal these qualities to humanity.

Max Planck all things are Energy and so are we

In 1947 Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, left the world when he said that all things are pure energy and so are we. According to researcher Gregg Braden, who has spent more than 20 years of his life investigating this quantum theory. These discoveries contain evidence that the Planck matrix does exist and that it is the divine matrix. Planck said that this matrix comes from the stars, the rocks, our DNA, life and everything that exists. Microscopically there is nothing physical, everything is vibration, everything is a condensed effect of energy, either good or bad. We live in a vibrational universe and our bodies are made of these vibrations of energy that we are constantly radiating.

The Isaiah Code
We are Energy connected to the universe. Ancient Manuscript Reveals Humans Possess Supernatural Powers

On the other hand, scientific experiments have shown that our DNA changes with the frequency generated by our feelings and emotions. That is, the vibrations. This shows us a new way of looking at things. We have the power to connect to all of creation through DNA, creating tiny torsion fields which in turn create tiny dimensional portals called ring holes. From these portals emanates a powerful energy that is part of us. Oh that perhaps, it is there to serve our requests. This powerful energy appears to be a dense web that connects all matter as we affect this web through our vibrations.

Experiments have found that the highest energy frequencies are those of love and that they affect the environment, causing material changes in our DNA and those closest to us. This has a deep meaning and we have much more power than we can imagine. But this power can also be used negatively, and you always have the last word.

The manuscript that supports the supernatural powers of human beings

In 1946, a manuscript more than 2,000 years old was discovered in the caves of Qnram, in the Dead Sea. According to many researchers, the manuscript was known as The Great Code of Isaiah and Asenian texts. Same as confirming that the divine Matrix exists and that it connects the entire universe, as we had previously said.

According to Max Planch, father of quantum theory; “The Isaiah Code”, he describes everything that quantum theory has only just begun to understand. In other words, the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives. Most of these possible futures of the human being remain there, at rest waiting to be awakened with our decisions and that power that dwells in us. Gregg Branden says that thousands of years ago this power was used as ancient technology, but with the disappearance and destruction of these mythical books, this knowledge was also lost.

Isaiah Code
THE ISAIAH CODE. (The Manuscript that Reveals the True Human Power). Ancient Manuscript Reveals Humans Possess Supernatural Powers

But the discovery of the Isaiah Code seems to remind humanity that there is a hidden power and that all human beings possess it. The same power that according to the scientist and researcher Gregg Branden, is known as “Prayer”, since in ancient times prayers played a very important role. They were used for both good and evil, since these prayers could be classified as rites, rituals, decorum, ceremonies, liturgy, magic, celebration, etc. Through these prayers things could be done that human beings would never do with their own hands. Since they were made to a superior being who interceded directly, if the prayer was done correctly. However, the Bible is currently the best known book that addresses this issue, since the other ancient books have been censored and hidden,

There are four different types of prayer

Now, within the prayers that we have been allowed to know, there are 4. The same ones that are currently used since they profess love, healing and comfort.

 Colloquial prayer: This is done using our own words to express our need for help, thanksgiving or relief from the bowels. We use this for deep problems such as; a serious illness, loneliness or the loss of a loved one.

ritual prayer ; It is the name given to the many preformulated sentences that have been memorized and said over generations in the same way on different occasions. Since the words have barely changed over the centuries, there is often a lack of understanding of the content of this form of prayer.

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Meditative prayer; You don’t need words. We silently make contact with the creative forces in our world and in our body. Meditation goes beyond what is commonly known as prayer, for here the separation between the physical and non-physical worlds is happily transcended.

Of course, everyone who prays oh prays wants to be answered. We want to experience that our prayers take effect and that something changes in reality in our life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, because to pray you must know how to do it. But most of these books that showed man the right way are no more. Even so, in the Bible there is a chapter where they show you some prayers and their correct way of doing it.

According to research by Gregg Braden , the gift of prayer has been lost and now lacks effective technology. Although he also cites that, with some deficiency, it is used by many religions, chima cultures, monasteries, and sorcerers. Those who use it to intercede for humanity, to ease the burden of the world and for their personal affairs. The point is that according to Gregg Braden, what awaits the world is not a destination. But it is the result of the decisions that the human being has been making for centuries and quantum science also affirms it.

The fourth way of praying

Gregg Braden calls this type of sentence “based on logic.” The fourth way of praying, since this is based on feeling and seems downright revolutionary: We no longer ask for our prayers to be answered, but we see our vision as already realized: we feel as if our prayer has already been answered! When we pray this way, it is an active decision-making process: we choose between latent possibilities that will become the future. What a powerful imagination! But how, exactly, does that work? The instrument for change is feeling. Even the Essenes of old knew that the world around us reflects feelings and sensations that we carry within us,

Quantum physicists have observed the interactions of different energies and realized that even their own feelings during an experiment can alter its outcome. These influences extend to the world around us. This is exactly what happens when you pray! It is our feelings that establish contact with creation and transmit the intensity of our request, our desire. But remember prayer is very powerful and is not always used for good purposes. It is believed that these manuscripts could be hidden by the Vatican, except for the Bible, since said book also teaches you to pray for healing, prosperity and deliverance . But what does the “Isaias code” say and those books say that they have taken away our privilege of knowing. The further we go, the closer we get to the truth.

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