Ufologists Say Aliens from Andromeda Know the Origin of Mankind

In the summer of 2012, the world was captivated by a video clip showing an unidentified flying object moving across a farmer’s field in Russia. This was followed by claims that it was captured by one of their citizens in his security camera. The only problem is, no one could find evidence that such a camera exists or ever existed!

Ufologists have long believed that aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy had visited Earth in at least three different waves. , beginning in the Middle Ages, a belief that is largely based on the writings of medieval monks like Bernard of Clairvaux and John of Patmos.

Ufologists claim that aliens from Andromeda have a copy of the human genome in their database and know the origin of man. They have taken samples of fossils as well as human blood to learn more about history. There is some evidence of the advent of extraterrestrial life, with astronomers suggesting that other forms of life could be discovered out there for example, what we call space debris. Astronomers have been suggesting that the universe is not only filled with water but with life as well, therefore making it a breeding ground for life. Life has been found in places such as comets and meteorites. The study of these specimens could provide insight into the origin of life on Earth. In fact, scientists are already working to decode DNA from fossilized samples of microscopic organisms that lived in ancient seas to show how complex organisms like humans evolved from simple ones.

The view that these extraterrestrial beings from Andromeda might know about humanity’s origin story is not new. But this time around, it has been given a much wider audience than ever before through the Ufology community and LSSI.

We do not know how many alien species there are in the universe. Many claims to have seen the so-called space brothers from outer space, and some believe Aliens from Andromeda know the origin of mankind.

So far, only Alex Collier has provided details about the aliens from Andromeda. The community considers his account on these ETs trustworthy because of the additional information he gave about his contact.

He began experiencing extraterrestrial encounters during his childhood until his mid-teens. The contacts stopped for a while and continued when he reached his thirties.

According to his accounts, he met two ETs from Andromeda who became his mentors and would take him on their large extraterrestrial mothership. He then studied under the Andromedans and learned about life in the universe, cosmic spirituality, and the Earth’s galactic history.

Collier claims that all human life forms come from the constellation Lyra. However, after the war, their star exploded and was forced to spread to different places in the galaxy for their survival.

The aliens from Andromeda are the oldest civilizations living in the area. Regardless of how far apart they are, they only have a single government and are thousands of years more spiritually advanced than humanity. They are also much more technologically advanced than us.

Their technology and spirituality are on the same level and are a fourth-dimensional collective consciousness. Each Andromedan is their own person, but they are transparent without ulterior motives. In comparison, humans are currently in the third dimension.

The citizens of Andromeda do not live like us. They are telepathic and clairvoyant and have studied all the sciences. All souls are self-aware; they know everything from their past lives. And they see death as part of their evolution.

Humanity is nowhere near this level because of certain factors that affected their DNA because of the influence of an ancient alien race known as the “Paa Tal”. Also, when he traveled to a neighboring planet, the aliens got scared because humans have a bad reputation.

Interestingly, some of Collier’s claims recently found backing in the scientific community. Similar to the claims, some scientists also believe that aliens may look mostly similar to humans.

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