In the same place that 10 years ago an object recharges by absorbing the solar plasma

NASA calls it a prominence. But what is the probability that a prominence linked to the sun will reappear in the same place after 10 years? According to NASA scientists, the feature is really only somewhat understood, that is, it is something that NASA does not know and studies closely. But this commonly observed type of solar activity called a prominence leaves a lot to be said for it. The way it sits below another sun feature gives it an otherworldly appearance. In the same place that 10 years ago an object recharges by absorbing the solar plasma

Seems unlikely unless you’re not a celebrity but an item, while recharging by absorbing solar plasma. On 03-11-2012, NASA’s AIA171 satellite captured a giant sphere heading towards the Sun before it flew back into space. 10 years later, on 04-19-2022, the AIA 171 satellite captured the same sphere again and in the same place.

An Object that is not controlled could never achieve such a feat. How and in what way could something go to the same place and carry out the same process without being guided by intelligent forces?

In case our sun will be an energy portal where other civilizations supply themselves with it. Nassim Haramein, a Swiss scientist known worldwide for his controversial theories. He has put forward a theory involving space civilizations with our sun and interstellar travel. According to him: These civilizations oh alien ships use the sun as a portal to travel to different places in the universe.

Giant artifact absorbing energy from the sun
Could an intelligent non-force-controlled object perform the same feat every so often. In the same place that 10 years ago an object recharges by absorbing the solar plasma

They have appeared and gained notoriety. There are even videos circulating all over the internet of what appear to be alien spaceships heading towards and eventually entering the sun. Based on this, Haramein concluded that the ships are using the sun as a kind of stargate or portal, connecting to our solar system or to other points in our galaxy. Oh even beyond our galaxy.

Research on black holes and the strange event on the sun

The researcher said he believes that the black dots visible on the surface of our Sun are actually black holes of different sizes. Under certain conditions, these black holes form vortices, or wormholes. Once these intergalactic passageways open, it can take weeks or even months to close. Breach that is believed to be being used by space beings

Look here the video captured by NASA where you can see such a majestic and strange moment. 

UFO tied to the sun in the same place as the UFO 10 years ago. In the same place that 10 years ago an object recharges by absorbing the solar plasma

 YouTube channel credit Behind the scenes

According to Haramein, every planet has such a black hole. And once a steady state is reached, black holes become stable enough to travel through. In his opinion, any civilization advanced enough to harness this power could theoretically explore the universe at minimal cost. Even our planet has such a black hole and it is located in its center. Since volcanoes spew magma from the molten mantle of our planet. Same that can be used to access the core of the Earth. Of course, this would only be possible if we had the technology required to accomplish such a feat.

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Because ancient civilizations worshiped the sun. Did they see something we couldn’t?

The black hole at the center of our world gives it the energy life needs to thrive. Haramein believes that this is why so many UFOs have been filmed descending from volcanoes. Until now it is what was created according to ovnilogy . His theory is quite shocking and has not been proven, but the approach turns out to be a very interesting point. Many ancient civilizations worshiped the sun and are believed to have been in contact with the sun gods. These civilizations inscribed on the walls of their temples scenes representing the gods coming from or through the sun. Sun worship and sun deities were not uncommon in antiquity; This practice is called heliolatry . Many legends and beliefs revolve around this cult.

One of the most interesting variants has been attributed to solar eclipses, since virtually all cultures believe that the sun is consumed by malevolent beings or evil gods. Ancient Egypt was home to the Neolithic concept of the sun boat, symbolized by the gods Ra and Horus. For the Egyptians, the sun was both a god and a vehicle. In all mythologies there are solar deities who can travel between the stars. We have the Sun god (Sunna) in Norse mythology. The Greeks worshiped Helios and the Mesopotamian god Shamash, who played a very important role during the Bronze Age. In fact, South American cultures also used to develop cults of the sun, and even worse, they made rituals and sacrifices in its name.

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