Winged Creature Filmed in the Streets – Angel, Demon or God? Are they returning to Earth?


A Facebook user took a photo that appears to show a gigantic winged creature. Richard Christianson is the person in question and has over 100,000 views.

Light poles make the photo look blurred and yellowish because of them.

Christianson polled a variety of experts, and one responded that the “monster” really did look like a frontline demon.

Some people believe this monster to be God Ra, who is protecting the city.

Another person believes that it is a symbol of the dark times we live in and that the END DAYS of humanity are fast approaching. This belief has been confirmed by many people.

One person offered a better explanation. He claimed it was nothing more than a palm tree and that Christianson tried to make it famous but failed.

Although we applied filters to the image, it looks like the original is unchanged.

You can see my video in action.


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